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Naxos is the home of gorgeous beaches and geological museums, a mixture of an ancient past and a modern resort. This is a place where the Apollo temple stands looking over the ocean, much like the God it was dedicated too. This is a beautiful part of Greece that is flocked to by tourists seeking its sun soaked beaches. Book soon for Car Hire Naxos Airport in the summer months.

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It is said that the island itself pays homage to nature's art in its sheer splendor and breath taking beauty. Few can visit this island among islands and not delight in the warmth of its people or the history of its past.
Construction of the Apollo temple, for example, was started around 350 BC. Unfortunately, it was never finished, one can only wonder why. However, it is still a lovely place to wander while looking at the ocean below. Naxos is full of spots like this: places one can go to where it seems you are the only person alive looking down upon beautiful islands and a shimmering ocean.

Car Hire Naxos Airport
(JNX) helps you reach these places in comfort. You don't have to rely on public transport to fully travel this wonderful place. You can simply go from beach to beach and just enjoy the freedom that comes with hiring one of our fleet vehicles. You will be fully insured and in control of your journey here. Whether you take a family car or a larger 9 seater with friends, Car Hire Naxos Airport (JNX) will be able to assist you. Naxos is towered by various mountains that stride the islands like a Greek colossus. You will need one of our cars to get from Alpha to Beta. You can reach some of the best views on the island this way.

Naxos Airport Information

For more culture you can also visit the Apeiranthos. This is a small mountain village of winding streets and seventeenth century architecture. The restaurants here serve classic Greek food, so it combines the sights and sounds of Greece into a relaxing afternoon.Of course if Beaches attract you more than the cooler mountains and ancient temples, Naxos has it all. Water sports are plentiful, as well as diving and snorkelling trips to enjoy the local marine life.

Reaching these places is easy with Car Rental Naxos Airport (JNX) and there is no relying on third parties. You can simply cruise along whenever you like to a perfect spot for catching the sunshine or diving into the sea. Car Rental Naxos Airport (JNX) is proud to be able to help people enjoy all that Naxos has to offer. Be it the ancient temples or the previously mentioned beaches. You will be able to cover this island or climb its rocks in complete luxury.

So whether you are there to see the mountains or look down upon the ocean, Car Rental Naxos Airport (JNX) hopes you enjoy it as much as you can. If it was good enough for the Greek Gods then it is surely good enough for you.

Naxos Local Information Guide

Naxos Island airport is approximately 3 kilometers  from the capital of Naxos Town.  The island is connected to the mainland via Athens airport and there are not anyinternational or charter flights from this airport. Taxis and car hire are available from the airport and frequent local buses provide a service between the airport and Naxos Town.  Some of the island’s hotels provide a private mini bus transfer for their clients.  Motor bike and cycle rental is also available.

Naxos Island, Greece, is the largest and most fertile island in the Cyclades and is situated in the middle of the Aegean Sea.  It is a beautiful island with superb sandy beaches, verdant valleys and mountains.  Some of the beaches have facilities and are very popular while on the other hand there are quiet and remote beaches.  The island has stunning mountainous landscapes with many remote villages.

Naxos Town has an interesting Venetian quarter, and the port is very lively with a beautiful Venetian castle, museums and good restaurants. The island has many interesting historical places to visit.  Activities are plentiful and range from cycling, mountain bikes, walking tours, 4x4 beach sports, water skiing and yachting.  Wind surfing is also a popular pastime.

There are many attractive and picturesque villages such as Apeiranthes which is situated at an altitude of 650 metres.  The streets of the village are paved with marble.   The village of Keramati is surrounded by mountains and is full of walnut trees.Excellent hotel accommodation, together with apartments and studios, is plentiful on the island.

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