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Car Hire Alexandroupolis Airport

Alexandroupolis is a small Greek city that is often passed through on the way to larger areas in Greece or nearby Turkey. However, like many small cities it still has many charms of its own and as such can be quite an enjoyable place for a quieter vacation. It has several Blue Flag standard beaches dotted around it, that are made all the more attractive by the lack of tourists using them. Get Great Car Hire Alexandroupolis Airport online now.

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Another wonderful attraction is the Dadia forest, protected by the World Wildlife Fund. Dadia forest is home to a wide range of animals, including some impressive birds of prey, many of which fly free and wild. While these birds may look small, some of these native eagles are capable of lifting a small sheep. It is recommended to visit this park between April and June when it is not quite as hot as the following months and you can really enjoy a picnic or a relaxing walk.

Car Rental Alexandroupolis
Demokritos Airport (AXD) can assist you in reaching such a place through its wide fleet of vehicles that is has for hire. You can choose from our Suzuki Jinny 4WD softtop or a Ford Focus Cmax. We have over 30 models available in Greece so we can fit your every taste. Even if you are a larger party, we have people carriers available to cater for you. Car Rental Alexandroupolis Demokritos Airport (AXD)
In this part of Greece it is strongly recommended you have your own transport, especially to reach hard to get to areas like the Evros region.  Evros is several days from Alexandroupolis but on the way you will pass through the Greek scenery and through small traditional villages.

It is on such a trip that you will get to feel the real Greece and meet many local people. There will be many inns and restaurants scattered along the way to make the trip varied and intriguing. Using Car Hire Alexandroupolis Demokritos Airport (AXD) is extremely important when planning to go to Evros from Alexandroupolis, as it gives you freedom and independence. Car Rental Alexandroupolis Demokritos Airport (AXD) was designed for such trips, since to see a country you sometimes have to step beyond the city.
With the fleet available from Car Hire Alexandroupolis Demokritos Airport (AXD) you have the chance to do just that.

If you manage to reach here in July you can head north 150km to the Ardas annual river party. Here you can enjoy Greek food and music and get a real feel for the Greek community. Again the distance of some of these areas really highlights the strong need for using Car Rental Alexandroupolis Demokritos Airport (AXD).
We will be pleased to talk to you about any other areas of interest in the region that we can direct you to.
When you have one of our cars you can go anywhere you like here and we hope you enjoy your stay in this much underappreciated region of ancient Greece.

Alexandroupolis Airport Information

Alexandroupolis International Airport is situated 7km east of Alexandroupolis, Greece and can be accessed via the main national road E90. A car park for 250 vehicles is situated in front of the terminal building.  This car park has security cover from the airport and is fenced and illuminated.  The first 20 minutes of parking is free. Taxis and car hire is readily available at the airport and six major car rental companies have desks within the terminal.

By Olympics airways buses provide a service between the airport and the towns of Alexandroupolis, Komotini and Orestiada.  A public bus service also operates between the airport and Orestiada.  Local transport buses are available from Alexandroupolis to the suburbs of Anthia and Loutros.
Facilities at the airport include a post box inside the terminal, Wi-Fi internet access, public telephones and a buffet and bar.

A good selection of hotels can be found in Alexandroupolis and include Grand Hotel Egnatia Lux, Motel Astir, Alexander Beach and Nefeli.  Alexandroupolis is a significant port of Northern Greece and a beautiful city with attractive streets.  The city is about 14.5km west of the delta of the river Evros and 40km from the border with Turkey.
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