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Car Hire Athens Airport

Athens. Its very name creates the image of ancient cities, invokes stories of some of the most famous Gods created and of course brings to mind the heroics of mythological Heroes. Epidaurus, Mycenae, Nafplion, Olympia and Delphi await: architectural sites that are steeped in history. To stand and gaze upon them provides a flash of insight into a world that once was. Where to begin in such a country and such a fascinating city as Athens? Great Car Hire Athens Airport.

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Cheap Car Rental Athens ATH

The first thing to do is to use Car Hire Athens Airport,  (ATH) and make sure that you have both speed and freedom to visit as much as you can in your time here. Take one of our fleet vehicles and be ready to choose from the many places to see, from the Santorini Volcanic islands to Mycenae. If the thought of a visit to the temple of Poseidon doesn't make your mouth water (pun intended), then what else in Greece will? This is a truly fascinating temple and shows the dedication and fanaticism with which the Greeks worshipped their Gods. Of course the beauty of this hot and rocky country is that everywhere you wander you will feel the culture of this land and the very weight it has placed on the scales of history.

All this travelling will leave you hungry, so you will want to sample the wonderful Greek foods. Greece has a long standing tradition of kebabs and salads that are as explosive to the mouth as their plates are at weddings. Enjoy their extremely hot meats which the salads serve to cool and temper, while sampling the local wines and drinks.

Car Rental Athens Airport

We provide vehicles that are fully air conditioned in this sometimes dry and humid country. There is nothing better than travelling here in comfort and arriving at your destination fresh and ready to go.
Many of the places that are a must see in Greece are a journey away from the obvious delight of Athens. Small nearby towns hide hidden treasures. Caches of museums, architectural digs and un-spoilt temples await you.

However, to get there you really must have the correct transport and Car Rental Athens Airport is proudly on hand to assist you. Like the ancient Spartans we stand firm and ready to offer you every car in our fleet, from the Ford to a Mercedes. Be it a Fiat Panda or a BMW, we can help you reach some of the oldest places in the world with some of the most modern vehicles in the world. Why not reach these places in the style and comfort of the twenty first century and of course with air conditioning? It is a hot and humid country which is perhaps why the Greeks were such a hard and diligent people.  Car Rental Athens Airport, Eleftherios V. (ATH) hopes to be able to help you when you come to visit this fantastic city.

Athens Airport Information

Athens International Airport is situated between the towns of Markopoulo, Koropi, Spata,and Loutsa approx. 33km south east of the city centre of Athens in Greece.  The airport has two terminal buildings, the Main Terminal and the Satellite Terminal.  All check-in desks are situated in the Main Terminal.  The Satellite terminal is easily accessible by means of an underground link complete with moving walkways. The airport is easy to get to by means of the Attiki Odos toll highway.  The section of the highway which leads directly to the airport is toll free and is accessible through Koropi and Markopoulo Mesogaias. Athens city centre (30 km by road).

A short-term car park is available right outside the arrivals level of the main terminal.  Long-term car parks are situated on the other side of the airport access road and  shuttle buses provide a free service to the airport.  A Valet parking service is also available. MetroLine 3 connects the airport with Syntagma Square and Monastiraki in the city centre and is by far the easiest and quickest way to travel.  Six public bus routes also serve the airport and these connect to destinations in the greater area of Athens and Piraeus.  Buses operate a 24 hour service.  Athens International Airport is connected to the Athens Central Railway Station, Larissis Station, by the suburban rail line.

Cheap car hire and taxis are readily available at the airport. The airport has a good supply of cafes, restaurants and bars.  There is an excellent selection of shops, including electronics/music, fashion, perfume, wine & gourmet food, books and gifts and duty free shopping in the departures area.  Facilities include banks, numerous ATMs, Bureau de Change and conference facilities for business travellers with internet access, photocopier machines, etc.  Good facilities are available for disabled passengers.

The airport hotel, Sofitel Athens Airport, is situated next to the Main Terminal outside of the Extra/Intra Schengen Arrivals Hall.  A number of other hotels are situated nearby. Athens is an ancient historical city and visitors usually head for The Acropolis, a distinctive citadel perched on its steep flat-topped rock, with absolutely stunning view of Athens and the surrounding temples below.  The busy Piraeus port of Athens is the departure point for island ferries and cruise ships.

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