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AC Milan LogoNot only are there more low cost flights to Milan than ever before, but there are ever increasing reasons to go there. Milan fashion week takes place on February 24 and David Beckham is now playing for AC Milan football club.

Easyjet is a popular airline with some people who enjoy its affordable flights, unpopular with others who complain of the additional charges and general lack of service which has led to it being known as 'Sleazy jet'.
One thing which cannot be questioned is the longevity of the airline. Easyjet is now celebrating its 500th route which is from Milan Malpensa airport in Italy to Porto in Portugal. Milan Malpensa airport is one of many bases which Easyjet has for its planes. Others include Berlin, Edinburgh, London Gatwick and Madrid.

Easy Jet LogoThe main headquarters of Easyjet are at London Luton airport. The company was founded by a Greek Cypriot as a low cost airline which cut down on costs by having no frills flights where you pay extra for food and luggage. Over the last 15 years Easyjet has become the most successful airline in Europe. Chief executive Andy Harrison said: "To reach the milestone of 500 routes in less than 15 years of operation is an achievement of which Easyjet is very proud.

"Our increasingly strong position in Europe is a result of focusing on destinations which customers find most attractive and creating convenient times from the most convenient airports."

He added: "Now over 300 million people live within an hour of an Easyjet airport. This will enable the airline to grow by a further ten per cent and carry more than 50 million passengers in the coming year."

David Beckham Milan ACCar Hire Milan Airport has also benefitted from the presence of David Beckham in Milan. The footballer, whose celebrity has outgrown his deeds on the pitch, has enjoyed life in Milan so much that he made a permanent move there last year. Beckham decided to turn what was initially a loan deal with Los Angeles Galaxy football club into a transfer. The AC Milan fans love the effort that he puts into the game and he has become an instant favourite with them.

Many of the players on the AC Milan team are in their 30s and so Beckham, 34, did not struggle to adapt to the pace of the game. At first it was a problem with his wife Victoria and three sons, Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn remaining in Los Angeles. Victoria has a number of business ventures and fashion lines there and did not want to give up her work. But with the former Spice girl being heavily into fashion there was no question of her adapting to life in Milan.

MilanMilan is one of the world's great fashion capitals and home to the original stores of global brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Armani and Versace. Italy is a very family orientated country and the celebrities there are also afforded a lot more privacy than they would get in London or Los Angeles. Those combined factors have made it the ideal place for the Beckham family to enjoy. However David will soon be getting a nostalgic reminder of his former life when his old club Manchester United play Milan in the Champions League.

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Getty Museum in Los AngelesLocated at the J Getty Museum, the Bronze statue is of a 'Victorious Youth' and dates from 300 BC-100 BC. The statue was originally discovered by Italian fishermen in the coast off Italy in the 1960s. The Italian government, which is having a concerted effort to reclaim its old antiquities, claimed that the statue was then illegally exported to America. However, the Getty Museum denies that the Italian government has any claim to the statue which it bought for four million dollars in 1977

Italians and Americans have a strong historical connection and most of the Italians in America come from the south of Italy and the Italian island of Sicily. Giovanni de Verrazzano was the first European explorer to pass New York harbour while the first settler in America of Italian descent was a Venetian sailor who arrived in 1635. At the end of the 19th century more than half a million Italian immigrants arrived in American and most of them were male. They had little education having mostly come from rural parts of Italy. However by 1924 an American law, the Johnson Reed Act, was put into place to limit immigration from the south and east of Europe.

Victorious Youth StatueToday the Italians are actually the fourth largest ethnic group in America. Many of the communities in which they have settled have become known as Little Italy, whether they are in Los Angeles or New York.
America cannot compare with the amount of history and culture that Italy has though. The Italians are fighting for possession of this statue but their country has the most world heritage sites of any on earth.

For instance there is the city of Ravenna which was the capital of the Western Roman Empire. Ravenna lies within the region of Emilia Romagna and is connected to the Adriatic Sea by a canal. Over the ensuring years it was occupied by Ostrogoths and Franks. Visitors to Ravenna can see the Mosaic basilica. Near to the Basilica of Sant' Apollinare Nuovo you can also look at the tomb of the writer Dante, who produced Dante's Inferno. The city is easily accessible from the A14 motorway.

Another world heritage sight can be found in the city of Urbino which is not far away from Ravenna on the north east coast of Italy. This walled city has done an excellent job of preserving its Renaissance culture and you can see impressive sights such as the Ducal Palace of Urbino and the University of Urbino. The palace is the largest medieval palace anywhere in Italy. Urbino is a diocese which seats the Archbishop of Urbino. The centre of the town is a wonderful place to have good Italian coffee and watch the world go by in the Piazza della Republica. Also in the centre of the town is a museum where you can find out more about Urbino. It is open on weekdays and free to enter.

These are only some of the lesser known world heritage sites in Italy, while thousands of visitors travel every year to see world famous places like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colloseum in Rome.
To see some of the many treasures of Italy including the country's numerous world heritage sites, book Car Hire Italy. Advance reservations will save you time and money.

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Geneva airport is hoping to increase the number of passengers which go through its doors this year as the airport targets more revenue.

Currently eleven million passengers fly through Geneva airport, which has connections worldwide and with all the large and important European cities. You can also get charter deals with companies to places in the Middle East such as Sharm El Sheikh.

The airport is hoping to lure these extra passengers in to use its much improved facilities after increasing the size of the terminal and creating more places to eat and drink. Geneva airport has pronounced itself to be pleased with the terminal renovation and the new and improved retail and dining areas.

Pierre Germain, the Commercial Director of Geneva airport, said: “With all the new shops, the new food and beverage areas and a totally new environment, we are confident that we can raise revenues by as much as fifteen per cent this year.  He added: "Geneva airport has seen a massive improvement since November, and we have the feeling that it is in large part due to the modernisation of the airport terminal.

"The economic recovery will also probably play its part in this revival, though Geneva was not hit as hard as many other places in Europe. Even during the worst of the recession we have seen a large proportion of high end customers."  Mr Germain went on to talk about catering for the customers at Geneva airport who use low cost flights such as Easyjet as well as their core of high end flyers. As a universal hotspot, the airport has a duty to provide the best services for all of these passengers.

The revamping of Geneva airport will mean a slight change for passengers. Now they will come through a central security complex into what is called the airside zone. That offers a wider choice of duty-free shopping with many luxury and affordable brands spread out over six hundred and fifty square metres of retail space. As Geneva airport attracts executives who are there on business they have top name brands like Hermes available to purchase. There is also a good business in prestige car hire Geneva Airport vehicles.

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Not only are there fantastic deals on car hire Geneva during the skiing season but you can get amazing ski packages. For instance the Italian resort Courmayeur, which is easily accessed by car from Geneva, is offering free skiing for children over the Easter holidays. Organised by the Mont Blanc ski lift company, the deal allows parents a gentle chance to introduce their children to skiing without a heavy impact on their wallets. It is open to children who are under the age of 12 and they can get free ski passes. The deal is based on children sharing a room with their parents.

Courmayeur is one of the best skiing resorts anywhere in Europe. Located in the far north of Italy right on the Swiss border, Courmayeur is at the foot of the Mont Blanc which is the highest mountain in Western Europe. This is sure to be an invigorating holiday with amazing fresh air and a buzzing after ski scene. As well as offering good skiing for youngsters adults can indulge in the best in heli-skiing or off-piste skiing if they are feeling adventurous. Near to Courmayeur are the impressive Vallee Blanche and the Mont Chetif Mountain which have great skiing. To get to Vallee Blanche you can take the cable car from the village of La Palud and it links to an aerial tramway which gives you stunning views as you pass over the mountains.

Courmayeur is equally as popular during the summer as it is in the winter as hikers like to walk there once the snow has melted. This ski resort is home to the highest botanical garden in the whole of Europe and wherever you look you will see beautiful flora and fauna. Courmayeur itself is a beautiful town centred around an old road, the Via Roma.

The drive from Geneva to Courmayeur is one hundred and eighty kilometres so it can be done in an hour and a half. Crossing the border is not problematic with an EU passport. Enquire with your car hire company if you are not from the EU on what to do. Remember that if you plan to go for Easter you should aim to make that booking now so that availability does not lessen.

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An article on how to manage your lottery millions has suggested that moving to Switzerland could be a good idea. Published in the Guardian Q and A section, the article comes up with helpful hints and tips for those who have lots of disposable cash. Depending on which canton you live in, the tax rate in Switzerland could be as little as 20 per cent. That is why many high earners choose to live in Switzerland including the British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. People who are lucky enough to have retired from work can also choose to pay one lump sum according to what the rental value of their home is. This lump sum is usually equivalent to living expenses.
Lewis Hamilton looking pleased, not suprisingly with the tax savings he's making since moving to Switzerland!
Although lottery winners will certainly not need car hire Switzerland, the service in this part of the world is excellent. Hertz car rental Switzerland recently won the accolade of best car rental company from the Travel Inside magazine.

Switzerland has a reputation for being dull but there is actually a thriving nightlife in Zurich and with lots of skiing and outdoor opportunities you can have an amazing quality of life here. A cheap way to have an all-inclusive skiing trip to Switzerland excursion is with the ski company Rudechalet. They take care of everything for you so that you are moments away from amazing off-piste skiing in Morzine. Morzine is known for having just as many activities that cater to family holidays as they do night clubs and bars for those who want to party.

The chalets are incredibly well located within paces of the ski lifts as well as all the shops and conveniences of town. In fact you could have access to the whole Portes du Soleil region with one of these fantastically situated chalets. Then all you need to do is buy a ski pass and sort out your car hire and you are ready to go. Look out for a car hire Switzerland skiing package as you can get an off road or sports utility vehicle with snow tires and chains as well as racks for your skis all for one low price. The other benefit of getting a chalet is that they come with hosts whose job it is to look after you by cleaning and cooking each night.

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