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With winter holidays proving as popular as ever, those wanting to hit the slopes whether on a pair of skis, a snow board or any other means of propelling one from the top of a mountain to the bottom have never had it so good.  Ski holidays are notoriously expensive which is largely down to the cost once you are in your resorts.  By comparison to a summer beach holiday there is a whole lot more going on!  I mean how much does it cost to sit on the beach and read a book all day!

With the savvy traveler always looking for ways to save the tour operators are really having to wake up to what holiday makers want and what they are willing to do to get it.  With cheap flights available to most of the ski resort serving airports in Europe from the budget airlines,  many travelers are choosing to book all the components of their holiday separately.  And why not, picking the right deal can save you up to 25% on the cost of a package holiday!  There really is not much too it these days, with the internet playing a significant part.  Most chalets and accommodations in the top resorts all have websites these days, so contacting them and booking direct has never been so easy!  Don’t worry about speaking the language either, most hotels will speak fluent English as UK holiday makers make up a large proportion of their customer base!  It is always nice to learn a few phrases in what ever language your chosen country speaks, just to show you have tried!

Once your flights and accommodation is booked all you need to do is get from the airport to your accommodation.  Car Hire is probably the best option, although check that your car comes with all the necessary safety features, including winter tyres, snow chains etc.  If you are taking your own ski’s, then you may also want to book a ski rack!  Car Hire Geneva Airport has seen a surge in bookings for the 2010/11 season with winter travelers seeing the shortages experienced in the summer trade and taking no risks.  Booking in advance not only saves you money by securing the best rates, but also secures your car! A fly drive holiday just wouldn’t be the same without a car now would it! 

So if you are taking to the slopes this season and need ski car hire, don’t delay as there are still great offers around, but nearer the time you’re likely to get caught up in the rush and pay over the odds as supply struggles to meet demand!  Don’t forget, you can also book your UK Airport parking with, so if you are jetting off from UK and need Manchester Airport Parking you can get a quote from us too!

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Despite being one of Europe’s largest capitals, London is a generally quick and efficient city to navigate. The extensive tube network may receive a bad press, yet it manages to transport millions of commuters to work each morning without the country falling to its knees.

For visitors to London, the tube will enable you to reach all of the city’s main attractions. Daily or weekly travel cards mean you can jump on and off the network without racking up too much cost. It will also allow you to experience an iconic and historical feature of the city, with the Underground system dating all the way back to the late 19th century.

Whilst the bulk of London’s most popular areas are fairly centralised, such is the scale of the city that there are also several districts worth visiting in the outskirts and beyond. Many of these suburban neighbourhoods fall under the banner of Greater London, and are generally well connected to the city centre by the tube and bus networks.

In these areas you will find some of London’s finest parks, as well as distinctive residential streets and a ‘village’ feel that is hard to find amid the urban chaos of the city centre. 

For those intending to spend substantial time in London’s suburbs, it may be worth considering Heathrow Airport car hire to really make the most of your visit. Having your own vehicle gives you a level of independence that is lacking when relying on public transport. It also lends a sense of adventure and allows you to tap into the pace and texture of local life. After all, it’s been said that you can tell a lot about a city by the way its citizens drive!

Having a hire car also means you can venture even further out, if you have the time and the inclination. There are a number of worthwhile towns and attractions within easy reach of London, including some impressive spots of countryside for those feeling a little suffocated in the city.  

So in summary, if you’re planning to stay in central, the tube system will be more than sufficient in getting you from A to B (or indeed Z, so long as it’s on the map!). However, if you’re planning a more extensive and varied stay in the city, then hiring a car is sure to enhance your trip.

Guest Blog;
Paul Joseph is a London-based writer and author. He is currently penning a nostalgic book on his home city called “Vanishing London”. Paul also writes for where users can find London hotels near train stations and theatre venues.

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