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Saddle up and Trot Off on a Horse Riding Holiday

There’s nothing quite like taking in your surroundings from the elevated height of a trusty steed, as you canter (although some may prefer a walk) along with the wind blowing through your hair – or possibly sand, if you’re going through an area of sand dunes!

What is the appeal in a holiday where you spend most of the day on the back of a horse? Well the most obvious answer is you get to see your surroundings from a higher viewpoint than if you were on foot and also you can cover more distance on the back of a horse. They can usually take you places that you may not have been able to get to on foot or by car, however this does depend on how sure-footed your mount is!

Horse riding holidays do not necessarily have to be the choice of experienced or competent riders, they are also popular with novices and even those who have not ridden before. Most places that provide this sort of holiday experience will have a range of horses to suit all levels of rider including an absolute beginner.

There are so many different locations and types of riding holidays you can choose from all across the world. You could take in the stunning Rocky Mountains from horseback, gallop across some of the beaches in Europe, go on a horseback safari in Africa or even an expedition to some of the more remote parts of our planet.

Horse Riding on the Beach

Spain is usually a popular choice for these sort of holidays as it offers such a diverse selection of terrain and surroundings. Also flights to Spain can often be quite cheap depending upon when you are going and where. Some locations offer miles of golden sands to canter along, whilst other areas such as the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains offers a very appealing ride for those more interested in viewing the local flora and fauna.

Or how about a forest ride? The Las Brenas Nature Park is a 5000 hectare protected forest, where you can canter along on the uninterrupted paths through beautiful woods of pine trees and palms, providing some much needed shade from the scorching sun.

During the day you will often be out on horseback but in the evenings you can explore the local area and do your own thing. With that in mind, consider booking some Spain car hire for your holiday, so you can get around and see the local attractions and surroundings. It is easier and more acceptable to park your car when you go shopping for example, rather than try to ‘park’ your horse outside!

So when you look at booking your next holiday, why not give some thought to a riding holiday instead of the usual beach or skiing holiday, as it’s something a bit different.
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