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Enjoy the beauty of one of Europe’s most unusual countries with Any Airport Car Hire Switzerland. Switzerland has some of the best skiing opportunities in the world and many of our customers request ski racks, snow tires and snow chains with their vehicles. Any Airport Car Hire Switzerland also comes with excellent heating systems to keep you warm in the winter and good air conditioning if you visit in the hot summer months. Switzerland has incredible invigorating fresh air. Hire a car and get into the mountains to experience it.  For the best deals on fly drive ski holidays this year, why not get a quote for Zurich Car Hire or Geneva Car Hire and see how much you can save on a package holiday with
Any Airport Car Hire Switzerland comes with excellent heating systems to keep you warm in the winter

Cheap Car Rental Switzerland

Any Airport Car Rental Switzerland is a cheap way to travel around an expensive country which has a very high quality of life. Zurich is the capital of Switzerland and this is an exciting city which has all sorts of cultural attractions and a pulsing nightlife.

Switzerland has always prided itself in remaining neutral and was not involved in wither of the world wars. Instead the country built itself as a financial power with a formidable banking system and ties to many of Europe’s peace making and humanitarian organisations such as the Red Cross, which is based in Geneva.

Having a GPS sat nav system is a good idea in Switzerland as various languages are spoken there in including French and German. Italian is even spoken in the small canton of Ticino.

Your sat nav could therefore be an invaluable way of helping you get around and preventing you from getting lost in the Swiss Alps. Although you will need a car to get to the most beautiful parts of Switzerland, once you have parked up there is some wonderful hiking and walking to be done, not least in areas such as the Jura Mountains, Valais and the Bernese Alps.

As well as the major cities in Switzerland of Zurich and Geneva there are the interesting conurbations of Basel and Berne, both of which have great cultural events. Along with Lugano these cities have the main Swiss airports which are accessible from all over the world.

Switzerland Information

To the Swiss, it seems that everybody else wants to be Swiss too. Not permanently, perhaps: but long enough to take advantage of the benefits provided by the country. The Italians want to work there. The French and many others want to keep their money there. The Americans want to set up international institutes there. The British want their daughters to learn French there.

Meanwhile the Swiss work steadily at creating for themselves one of the world’s highest standards of living.  Switzerland has become a leading centre for international banking and insurance. There are some 1750 banks and financial institutions. Apart from the country’s economic stability, the great attractions for foreign customers are Swiss banking secrecy.

There is no Swiss language by which to identify Swiss people. There are three major ones in use: the most widespread is German, followed by French in the west and Italian in the south. There is even a fourth official language: it is called Romansch and is spoken by 1 per cent, mainly in the ENGADIN. Most Swiss people will respond politely if addressed in any of the three main languages, but they will talk to one another in a quite different language- Swiss German. 

Such are the attractions of living in Switzerland that nearly 15per cent of the population are foreigners. A further 100 000 workers cross the frontier each day, mainly Italy, to work in Switzerland. In Addition, another 100 000 seasonal workers are admitted for a few months at a time, mainly to work in hotels and cafes. To bring in his family, however, a worker must have at least an annual work permit, and it is the holders of there who, after long probation, can eventually become Swiss. In 1984, they numbered 965 000 out of a population of 6.4 million. Yet the national unemployment rate has for years been below 1 per cent.

Probably no other nation has made quite such a business out of neutrality as the Swiss. Ever since 1864, when the international red cross was initiated there, Switzerland has become the natural place for international organisations to establish their headquarters- there are now more than 150 of them.

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