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Car Hire Norwich Airport

Any Airport Car Hire Norwich Airport is just one of the many locations that we offer for car hire throughout the United Kingdom. Although Norwich is not the busiest airport we have a large fleet of cars here so that we can always meet demand. The best way to ensure that there is a low cost vehicle ready for your arrival is to book ahead online, and the process is simple and easy.


Pay less for your vehicle with Any Airport car rental Norwich Airport than you would with any other company. We offer value for money.

Cheap Car Rental Norwich NWI

Rent cars from Any Airport. Car Rental Norwich Airport is great value for a variety of customers and we have vehicles to suit them all. You can get fifteen passenger vehicles for large groups and small compact cars which are easy to park and fun to drive. There are even the latest sporty models by Alfa Romeo, Jaguar and others. All these amazing options start at just 16 pounds per day.

Norwich Airport Information

Norwich Airport is an international airport with the airport code NWI and is located in the east of England. You can find it using our Any Airport car hire Norwich Airport satellite navigation systems, available to rent cheaply online at the same time as your low cost car. Norwich Airport is located in the county of Norfolk in the suburbs of the City of Norwich. Norwich Airport is located at map latitude 52.40.33 north and 001.16.58 East. The main flights from Norwich Airport are to Amsterdam, the capital of Holland, with the KLM City hopper service.

About 13 per cent of all the passengers who use Norwich airport go on this flight. You can also get seasonal flights to Malta with Air Malta, flights with Eastern Airways to Aberdeen in Scotland and Viking Airways to Funchal in Madeira. In terms of low cost flights Flybe connects with Edinburgh, Exeter, Geneva, Guernsey, Jersey and Manchester, though most of these routes are seasonal. There are two small private air charter flights based at Norwich Airport.

This public airport is owned mostly by a company called Omniport, and also Norwich County Council and Norwich City Council. Norwich Airport used to be an air force airport and was known as the Royal Air Force Station Horsham St Faith. When they left in the 1960s, the airport was sold onto the local council. Of the air force base original facilities the control tower and some of the airport hangars are still in existence.

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