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Stunning beaches, wild nightlife, snorkeling trips, water sports, Ko Samui has it all. You feel the thrill of Ko Samui as soon as you come in to land, flying in low over white beaches and clear blue water. Ko Samui offers lots to do for any type of travelers, family or other. The Big Buddha statue at twelve meters high is a very popular destination. If you travel there as part of a package trip, you will randomly stop at places along the way to be encouraged to buy souvenirs and the like. Book today for Car Hire Koh Samui Airport - Thailand.

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Cheap Car Rental Koh Samui USM

However if you choose a car from our fleet like a Ford, Mazda or Toyota, you can make and enjoy your own trip there.

The island is fairly large, so having one of our cars means you can go anywhere on the island. Perhaps try fishing at a fresh water lake boasting some of the biggest catchable catfish in the world? There are many things to see, like the Bird and Tiger show. Located in the same area these two exhibitions of strength and aerial agility are well worth going to see. There is also a small aquarium on the way into the shows that allows you to feed large fish and even turtles by hand.

Car Hire Ko Samui (USM) fully recommends that you choose one of our cars when visiting here. You will arrive at the airport and be greeted by one of staff with the keys to your car. Our staff will also offer advice on where to visit and guide you to your hotel of choice.

Car Rental Ko Samui (USM)

If sporting activities are your thing then there are lots to do on the beaches in Ko Sumui. You can take a jet powered ski or go hand gliding. There are numerous snorkeling trips and of course fishing trips are available night and day. For natural beauty, there is the Grandfather and Grandmother rock as well as several waterfalls to be seen. There is also the Angthong National Marine Park which is a great way to see all the islands and enjoy the ocean breeze.

If you wish to see something slightly strange, there is also a mummified monk. Apparently this monk told everyone he would cease to decay through the power of his belief and that has been the case since he died. National Geographic have studied him and found no explanation for this phenomenon. The body is viewable inside a clear glass tan at one of the temples on the island. There are also Katoey shows (Ladyboys) where you can eat and drink and watch a cabaret by the, ahem, girls.

The nightlife is vibrant with several areas hosting Muay Thai boxing where travelers can actually fight in the ring and win prizes. There are of course several large nightclubs, bars and restaurants and numerous places to shop in Ko Sumui. Car Rental Ko Samui (USM) is the perfect way to enjoy this island and we hope that by using our services, you get to fully enjoy your stay here.

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