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Chiang Mai offers the visitor a lot to do and see and breaks from the usual delights of a city.
One of the first things people notice here are the amount of long necked women. This is a tradition in this part of Thailand and the girls all wear several thick necklaces which they add layer after layer of necklaces to as they age. Eventually there have so many necklaces on them that they simply could not remove them for fear of damaging themselves. So book now for Car Hire Chiang Mai Airport.

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This leads to them having a long-neck which is fascinating to see and part of their tradition. Chiang Mai also has a strong affiliation with Elephants with the Patara Elephant farm which focuses on their health and breeding and the Elephant Nature Park. The Elephant Nature Park is a sanctuary for Elephants and sets about to release them and protect them in this area.

If however you want more speed and swing in your journey then try the Flight of the Gibbon Tree Top adventure. On this trip you get to swing your way through two kilometers of canopy in a rainforest on special cabling. Car Hire Chiang Mai can really help you to reach these places since they sit slightly outside of Chiang Mai itself. Choosing one of our vehicles allows you to explore this wonderful place and fully appreciate its surrounding jungle. You will be able to travel through and to stunning environments as you pass waterfalls and caves and the natural rainforests of northern Thailand.
ar Hire Chiang Mai (CNX) is all set to make sure you have the keys to your car and a tank of petrol when we meet you at the airport. By choosing to use us you are choosing complete independence to really relish and enjoy your trip.

Another nice feature here is the sheer amount of cooking schools. The dishes in the north of Thailand vary slightly from the south and here you will get the chance first hand to learn how to make them. Several days later you will be able to plan a special recipe and meal for friends and loved ones back home that should dazzle their tongues.

Car Rental Chiang Mai Airport
(CNX) lets you have a vehicle on hand to also visit the Siam River. Here, once you have parked up, you can take part in a rafting trip and head down the river to enjoy the scenery.
If you are lucky enough to visit in Aprilm the Thai New Year is celebrated here more than anywhere with four to five days of none stop water fighting. Everyone will be armed with buckets and guns full of icy water to spray you as a sign of good luck for the coming year. Car Rental Chiang Mai Airport is happy to help you plan your trip around this area; just ask us how we can help.

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