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Car Hire Krabi Airport

Many people are drawn to Krabi for the amount of climbing they can do. A mountainous area, Krabi has the famous Ao Phra Nang area where guides can take you up into the mountain. After a hard climb, you can sit back and enjoy the stunning views of Thailand and its deep blue oceans. You can then take a visit to the Emerald Pool, which is so called because of the deep green colour of its waters. Book online today for Car Hire Krabi Airport - Thailand.

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It is believed to be this unique colour because of the type of algae that grows in its pool.  From there you can perhaps take in the Tiger Cave Temple, a place used by monks in their worship and which also has a maze of natural caves surrounded by lush jungle. Here you will see ancient pottery and other remains of an era long past.

Car Hire Krabi Airport (KBV) can assist you in reaching these veritable hot spots through one of any of its great vehicles. Whether it is the Ford or the Hyundai, we will be on hand to guide you to the right place and provide a fully fuelled and insured vehicle to get you there.Car Hire Krabi Airport (KBV) will make sure that you have everything to hand to fully enjoy and explore Krabi with its all its natural wanders.

Car Rental Krabi Airport (KBV)

Should you choose to visit Khao Phanom Bencha National Park, our car can make sure you get there comfortably and safely. Khao Phanom Bencha National Park is well worth a visit and is twenty one kilometres from Krabi. It is a two kilometre walk if you stick to its trails and is full of rich botanical gardens showing native Thai foliage. There are also many guides available to take you deeper into this forest to try and show you where certain snakes and other species thrive and survive.

Car Rental Krabi Airport (KBV) can also help you reach the many beaches here where you can simply relax or go for a snorkel. By night Krabi comes alive with restaurants, shows and bars which are all eager for your attention. They have many special offers available to entice you into them, so keep an eye out for any bargains that catch your eye. There is also lots of shopping to do in Krabi, from traditional tourist items to more modern items, so there is plenty to see here.

The Thais love to barter, so bear this in mind when you see something you like. Often you can get the item at more than fifty percent cheaper than the asking price. Car Rental Krabi Airport (KBV) hopes that by choosing our services your time in Krabi will be a relaxing one. Whatever draws you to this lovely place, we are sure that the smiles of the local people will make this trip a memorable one.

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