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Choose Any Airport Car Hire Tanzania in the United Republic of Tanzania and you will not regret your decision. We give you everything needed to have a successful trip included as much mileage as you need so that you can see as much of the country as you want. In Tanzania we have sports utility vehicles for hire such as the Toyota Land Cruiser and compact cars like the VW Golf which are great for the city.

Any Airport Car Rental Tanzania can provide you with the toughest range of vehicles if yoyu plan to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro.

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When you book Any Airport Car Rental Tanzania all the taxes, airport surcharges and premium location fee are taken care of free of charge. Everything is included for low prices of only 16 Euros per day. We have off road cars which are great for seeing the Serengeti such as the Rav 4 Toyota as well as intermediate automatics like the Ford Mondeo.

Tanzania is a huge East African country which is spectacularly beautiful as it is home to such sights as the Great Rift Valley and Mount Kilimanjaro. You can see all kinds of scenery in Tanzania from plateaus and grassland to large lakes and mountains. It is a land of superlatives with Mount Kilimanjaro being the highest mountain in Africa and Lake Victoria being the largest lake in Africa. That is why hiring a car here is so popular and Any Airport Car Hire Tanzania has the cheapest range of vehicles on offer. Another popular part of Tanzania to visit is the island of Zanzibar which has some incredible scuba diving among other attractions. Check with our staff about the possibility if hiring a car there. While Dar es Salaam used to be the capital of Tanzania that honour now goes to the city of Dodoma. This republic uses the Tanzanian shilling so be sure to have some currency on you when you come to gas stations and the like. Any Airport Car Hire Tanzania does come with a starter tank of gas to get you going. Planning your trip is vey important as you may want to avoid the rainy season between October and March. The climate is usually fairly humid but we have air co in every car to keep you at the optimum temperature. If you want to see the incredible Serengeti plain then the months of January and February are perfect but booking ahead is strongly recommended.

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