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Choose Any Airport Car Hire Jamaica and you will not be disappointed. Arrive into the Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay or the Norman Manley International Airport in Jamaica’s capital Kingston and choose from a wide range of cars. We have off road vehicles which are great for exploring the winding mountainous roads of the Blue Mountains and convertible cars so you can soak up the great weather for which Jamaica is so famous.

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Cheap Car Rental Jamaica

Any Airport Car Rental Jamaica comes with unlimited mileage so you can travel from areas such as Negril and Morant Bay without being charged for how far you drive.
Any Airport Car Rental Jamaica comes with waivers in case your vehicle gets damaged or stolen – Jamaica has relatively high levels of crime but at the same time some of the friendliest people in the world.
Just under three million people live in Jamaica and there are many different races and religions at home in this parliamentary democracy. Slavery was used very much to build up the island, especially for manual labour in the process of harvesting sugar cane, one of the island’s major exports.
Another part of the colonial legacy and fundamental to the history of the island is cricket. Jamaica has produced some of the world’s greatest cricketers including the batsmen George Headley (known as the black Bradman) and fast bowler Michael Holding (known as Whispering Death). If you get a chance to watch a match at Sabina Park the experience will always stay with you and the ground is easily accessible by car from Norman Manley International Airport.
Music also thrived in Jamaica, nowhere more so than the infamous Trench Town area and Bob Marley is the world’s most famous reggae artist. Having a rental car is a good way to visit the Bob Marley museum and find out more about this iconic reggae star.

Jamaica General Information

These prosperous visitors stay in luxurious hotel complexes near palm-fringed beaches and find it easy to imagine that Jamaica is an island of peace and lotus-eating plenty. But they see only one face of this turbulent island.

Nearly a million tourists a year visit Jamaica. They sip rum punches in the blazing Caribbean sun, ride bamboo rafts down lazy rivers, and dance through balmy nights to the throbbing beat of reggae discos. Along the way, they spend some US$400 million a year.

Behind the facade of the beaches is Jamaica's less happy face: one lined by hard work, and lean from the struggle to survive. Among the hills that rise in the centre of the island from the mostly narrow coastal flatlands, farmers' wives rise before dawn to walk - sometimes for hours - to reach the nearest road where they can get a bus to market. Maids in the plush hotels of MONTEGO BAY, OCHO RIOS, PORT ANTONIO and Negril earn in a week about the same as the price of a glass of whisky from the hotel bar. Just over one in four of the rapidly expanding workforce is without a job - and more face redundancy in the wake of the island's economic stagnation.

Inflation in the mid-1980s was reaching 20 per cent a year.
Although tourism in the 1980s has been booming, and has replaced sugar as the island's second largest earner of foreign exchange, the growth has not been enough to offset the decline in the principal export: bauxite and alumina, the ore and mineral from which aluminium is made. Jamaica is the world's third largest producer of bauxite after Australia and Guinea. If the ore were processed into aluminium, it would command higher prices, but the operation would be too expensive because Jamaica has no cheap supplies of energy to power the smelters. Production of bauxite and alumina dropped by nearly 40 per cent in the early 1980s, but has been rising since 1984 when the Jamaican Government negotiated agreements with Colombia, the USA, the USSR and Yugoslavia. 

Jamaica is a large island and our cars can allow you to access all the most beautiful areas including Ocho Rios. 

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