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Pick up cars from Any Airport in the Seychelles thanks to Car Hire Seychelles. We have an amazing range of vehicles and they are cheap to hire for one day or one week. Just use our website to make an online booking and that way you can select all the modifications you want - number of doors, whether it is auto or manual and how many passengers the vehicle can fit.

Low cost Any Airport Car Rental Seychelles allows you to have a budget holiday in what is normally a very expensive place to visit.

Cheap Car Rental

Global positioning can be rented with Any Airport Car Rental Seychelles for just a small additional price. Our vehicles are great value for money and we have a large choice for customers. There are the latest sports utility vehicles from Toyota and Suzuki and smaller compact cars from VW and Diahatsu. Any Airport car rental Seychelles caters to all your needs so book now.

It is not necessary to get a visa before you come to the Seychelles but you must have some proof of having booked accommodation before you arrive. Likewise it is better to have prebooked car hire Seychelles but only because the prices will be better and more vehicles will be available. On a small island like this the cars get snapped up fast so don't forget to reserve online before you arrive. Seychelles international airport is located near the capital Victoria and this is the main car hire point for Any Airport.

The airport has connections with major cities the world over including European destinations like Paris and Frankfurt. There are also inter-islands flights operated by Air Seychelles to places like Praslin and Mahe. If you are leading the high life and plan to take a yacht around the Seychelles then be aware that there are some environmental restrictions on where you can go due to coral reefs being near the surface.

However you can great views across the islands with car hire Seychelles which makes many viewing points accessible. You must be over 21 to rent and expect to pay much more than what you normally would expect for cars with Any Airport, they can cost about 40 Euros per day. Nevertheless car hire Seychelles is cheaper than taking a taxi and more reliable and more comfortable than using the bus. All vehicles have air co. With temperatures getting up to the high twenties degrees celsius you will be glad of it.

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