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With Any Airport Car Hire Saudi Arabia is the best way to travel to the heart of Muslim culture.
Saudi Arabia is the home of both Mecca and Medina, both integral pilgrimage points in the Muslim religion. It is an absolute monarchy and by law the country is totally Muslim. It also has coastlines with the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Once oil was found in the 1930’s Saudi Arabia became one of the world’s richest and most powerful countries. Nonetheless Saudi Arabia is mostly uninhabitable filled with harsh desert land.

Cheap Car Rental Saudi Arabia

Any Airport Car Rental Saudi Arabia is the only comfortable way to get around this baking hot country.
One of the hottest areas of Saudi Arabia is the oil producing Eastern Province near the Gulf Coast. With temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius in the shade you will be glad to know that our cars come with AC, though the coastal areas are cooler (still a sweltering 38 degrees). Popular car rental optional extras can be global positioning systems. These are useful when navigating as place names are quite confusing and have variable spellings in English. Travellers will want to avoid going into thee Empty Quarter which is one of the largest sand deserts on earth.

Visitors will most likely fly into Riyadh international airport which is in the capital city of Saudi Arabia. Other major international airports are at Jeddah and Dammam.

Make sure you have got a visa in advance, getting into Saudi Arabia is not easy. Then should you obtain a visa you need to use the Islamic calendar to work out the expiry date via the lunar month, rather than the conventional western month. It is prohibited to take pornography, pork or any sort of alcohol into the country.

When planning your trip to Saudi Arabia you should know that there are prayers five times a day and everything else in Saudi culture fits around this. Non Muslims are not permitted to go to Mecca or Medina.
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