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Car Hire Lisbon Airport

As the capital of Portugal, Lisbon offers much for the visitor to see and do. From museums like the Gulbenkian Museum (Museum Calouste Gulbenkian) which houses ancient Egyptian art as well as putting on concerts, to the National Tile museum. The National Tile Museum also focuses on the impact of ceramics and trade in the region throughout its history. Book today for Car Hire Lisbon Airport.

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It has several thousand species of fish, including some of the larger specimens in captivity. It also regularly focuses on special events such as dinosaur displays and fossil shows, which are great for children and adults alike. Lisbon's zoo also has much to show and is extremely well kept, with one way glasses letting you get really close to some dangerous animals. There are also dolphin shows where you can see the speed and agility of these wonderful and intelligent mammals.

Car Hire Lisbon Airport
(LIS) is on hand to give you the keys to one of our cars so you can really enjoy this large city. With so much to see being so spread out, Lisbon really needs to be tackled with good transportation. Whether you are heading out to the beaches that surround the city or off to the aquarium mentioned earlier, it is important to have a means to reach there. Car Hire Lisbon (LIS) takes away the need to rely on public transport. Instead you can come and go at your leisure, being able to choose from a wide range of vehicles. If you are shopping, then having your own vehicle also allows you to load all of your new goodies into the boot and simply carry on with your day.

Car Rental Lisbon Airport (LIS)

Another place to go where you can view the entire city is Saint George's castle. This magnificent fifth century castle has been maintained so the public can walk its walls and look over the world below them. It is particularly stunning in the evening when Lisbon becomes lit up. The Bairro Alto is the place to go when darkness hits Lisbon. These small winding streets become full of people drinking their way into the small hours of the early morning.  By day this area is a great place to shop and eat and by night it simply becomes the main place to party in Lisbon.
ar Rental Lisbon Airport (LIS) will help you to also avoid using the city's trams. There is no waiting around for you and you can also venture beyond the city to its beach resorts.All along the coast, the Portuguese have the luxury of miles of stunning beaches and clear ocean waters. Here they can relax and spend the weekends with friends away from the busy city.Car Rental Lisbon (LIS) has several models available for you to choose and use in this fascinating and historic place. Lisbon really has something for everyone and offers all its visitors a wide range of things to do. .Lisbon's Oceanarium is a particularly large aquarium and a must see for marine lovers.


Lisbon Airport Information

Lisbon Airport is situated within the city of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.  It is one of the largest airports in Southern Europe and is the main international gateway to Portugal.  The airport has two main runways. Free shuttle buses run between the two terminals. The airport is located approx.7km from Lisbon city centre.  The airport is easy to reach from anywhere in Portugal as it is connected by the main A1 motorway, which runs right past the terminal building.

Short and long term parking is available at the airport.  P1 and P2 are short term car parks with direct access to the terminal.  P3 is a long term outdoor car park.  A free shuttle bus service links the car parks and the terminals. Cheap car hire and taxis are readily available at the airport. The Carris AeroBus 91 operates a service to the city centre and to the Cais do Sodré.  Local buses also serve several destinations in and around centre Lisbon.  A shuttle bus service also operates between the airport and the resorts of Estoril and Cascais.  CP is the national rail train service in Portugal and operates services to many routes including Oporto/Lisbon/Madrid.

The excellent Lisbon Metro provides swift and easy access between the Lisbon Districts.  Open top buses run a frequent service and is a great way to explore Lisbon.  The Lisbon trams operate along five routes across Lisbon many of which transverse very steep roads.

Facilities at the airport include a Bureau de Change, a bank and a post office.  ATMs and internet access points are accessible throughout the airport.  There is a wide range of restaurants, snack bars, cafes and fast food outlets.  Duty free and tax free shopping is available in the departures lounge.  The airport also has a first aid room, baby care areas and facilities for disabled travellers.  Conference and business facilities are also situated in the terminal.

No hotels are actually situated at the airport but there are hotels nearby.  Lisbon is a lively cosmopolitan city and has much to offer and interest the tourist.  Lisbon has a scenic coastal railway which operates a service to Estoril and Cascais stopping at numerous points on route.  This train departs twice an hour from Cais do Sodré station.  Boat trips and ferries also operate scenic cruises along the River Tejo.  The 25th of April suspension bridge in Lisbon is one of the world’s longest suspension bridges at 2.2km long.  It looks very much like San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and connects the city of Lisbon to the municipality of Almada on the left bank of the Tagus river.
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