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Car Hire Reykjavik Airport

Here at Car Hire Reykjavik Airport our objective is to provide a hassle free experience to your transport needs. Ensuring you are fully prepared before your journey. There are no unexpected add-ons to your invoice, our prices which start as little as £12 per day.

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Reykjavik Airport Information

At Car Hire Reykjavik Airport you can meet our welcoming staff who can escort you to your fully fuelled car. In Reykjavik, the roads are smooth as silk around town so you might choose a VW Golf or should you need something a little more rugged a Toyota Landcruiser may suit. If there are a large group on your excursion then we have either Ford Galaxy or Renault Espace 7 seater to accommodate them.

Reykjavik Airport's principle task is to serve mainly domestic flights in Iceland. This is chiefly due to the relatively short runways. Sometimes accepting larger passenger jets when the changeable weather in Iceland's other airports although being virtually in the city centre, a constant stream of aeroplanes overhead isn't practical. The first flight was in 1919, but the British military built the current airport during World War II and in 1946 handed power to the Icelandic government. While the small town that once was, has grown around the airport has caused some debate to allow the noise of the aircraft to continue using it. An option is to shut it down and move all domestic flights to the nearby airport of Keflavik.

Housing two terminals, the larger, main one handling all international and domestic flights, while the smaller one serving business flights. If you need to change between domestic and international flights a 3 hour bus ride is in order. An easier way would be to use a Car Hire Reykjavik Airport rental vehicle. Cheap and fully prepared for you, you can see a little more Iceland if you so wish.  Before you leave in your Car Hire Reykjavik Airport vehicle, the airport is fully equipped to meet your needs. While fairly small it has many shopping outlets and restaurants to set you up ready for you're driving.

Once underway in your Car Hire Reykjavik Airport motor, a regular for tourists is the National Museum of Iceland. Being the capital you expect to find some of the best attractions in that area, and Reykjavik is no different. Whether you choose to park the hire car and take a bicycle tour along the islands fabulously breath-taking coastline or a romantic walk along Ellidaardular valley, it really is a must see city. Once you have done cycling or walking, maybe sample some of the local soup at Sægreifinn restaurant or a decent hamburger from Hamborgarabulla Tomasar in Tryggvagata.

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