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Car Hire Ronne Bornholm Airport

Holidaying on an island in the Baltic may lead you to consider skipping renting a car but travellers to Ronne Bornholm Airport on the delightful island of Bornholm will miss so much without one. At Any Airport Car Hire we can offer low cost hire cars at Ronne Bornholm Airport that make the prospect of renting a car an attractive one. Our aim is to provide the lowest cost car hire whilst still being able to offer a quality package which includes a latest model rental vehicle, a comprehensive package of cover to give you peace of mind during the rental period and an unmatched quality of customer service.

Cheap Car Rental Ronne Bornholm RNN

On Bornholm you may decide that a small rental car will suffice but with over 500km2 of countryside you should also consider a four wheel drive vehicle, especially if you visit in winter. Whichever vehicle you choose, you’ll be guaranteed that you won’t find it cheaper if it comes with the standard of service we offer.  You’ll also have the convenience of knowing that when you arrive at the Ronne Bornholm Airport car hire desk, your vehicle will be waiting for you with minimal final paperwork necessary before you can be on your way.

Ronne Airport Guide

Ronne Bornholm Airport is actually called just Bornholm Airport and is three miles south of Ronne on the island of Bornholm. There are only two routes; one from Berlin with Air Berlin and the other from Copenhagen with Danish Air Transport. Travellers from elsewhere in Europe will find it easy to get to Berlin or Copenhagen before flying on to Bornholm. Once at the airport you’ll certainly find it quicker to get to your accommodation if you’ve hired a car for collection at Ronne Bornholm Airport. Otherwise you’re limited to public transport.

On Bornholm you’ll discover a paradise that’s virtually unknown outside of the Baltic; Denmark’s third largest forest and a luminous sky that has drawn artists to the island for centuries as well as stunning beaches on the south coast that have more than a touch of the Mediterranean about them. Despite having a car, it’s worth renting a bike on Bornholm to explore at a more leisurely pace and with well-marked roads and trails, you’ll have plenty to do.

One of the best towns to visit whilst on Bornholm is Svaneke, which has remained virtually untouched over the centuries. Full of historical buildings, it’s a popular place for artists and if you want to buy a souvenir of your visit, you could do a lot worse.
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