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Any Airport Car Hire Denmark costs a low amount of only 17 Euros per day, but it gets less the longer you hire for. We have a range of Denmark cars available for collection at Copenhagen airport, Karup, airport, Kastrup airport, Aalborg airport and Ronne airport. There are compact Ford station wagons, full size BMW 3 series automatics and exotic Renault Megane cabriolets. Pick up the phone today and make a booking for your trip.

Cheap Car Rental Denmark

Any Airport Car Rental Denmark can come with ski racks, snow tyres and snow chains as part of a skiing package. If the roads are slippery then we can recommend that you rent a large sports utility vehicle like the Volvo XC90 which has five doors and comes with AC. In winter the Ac system works as a good heating system and you will need it as Denmark is very far north.

Denmark is a Scandinavian country and half of it is located on the Jutland Peninsula while there are also a couple of islands. It is known for having a very colourful and attractive capital city in Copenhagen, a high standard of living and a tolerant and forward thinking society. However, the constitutional monarchy of Denmark has long withdrawn from wider European affairs and is not a member of the European Union or the European monetary system. Many of the families who go on holiday to Denmark do so because it is the home of the popular children's toy Lego and you can visit the excellent Lego land theme park at Billund. To get them to and from the park we can offer minivans like the Ford galaxy seven seater automatic which is easy to drive, cheap and spacious, or economy cars like the Peugeot 207 station wagon which is also great value. History buffs who go to Denmark might be interested to find out more about the old Viking culture of the country and how that has translated into modern Denmark over many years. One of the main aspects of Danish culture is the need to feel 'Hyyge' or snug, which means socialising will often take place with groups of friends indoors enjoying candlelit dinners. Danish people are a good bunch to get to know, and are patriotic yet understated making for a nice combination. Having a car will give you the mobility to really immerse yourself in Danish culture during your stay if that is what you wan to do.

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