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Car Hire Safat Airport

The VW golf, the Nissan Micra and the VW Polo are some of our popular Car Hire Safat airport vehicles. Given the desert nature of most of Kuwait's landscapes we have sports utility vehicles of various sizes for hire. You can rent small sports utility vehicles like the Toyota Hilux pick up, medium sports utility vehicles like the Toyota Rav Four and large sports utility vehicles like the Toyota Land Cruiser.


Any Airport Car Rental Safat allows exploration of the Persian Gulf Area.

Cheap Car Rental Safat KWI

Any Airport Car Rental Safat is a great way to travel around this sovereign Arab Emirate known as the State of Kuwait. The country is a constitutional monarchy which is religiously minded and so you should always know what the local customs and traditions are before visiting and respect them accordingly. Car rental comes with excellent service as our staff can meet you at Safat airport and show you to your vehicle.

Safat Airport Information

Although Kuwait is considered the 11th richest country in the world due to its vast oil reserves we have cheap car hire Safat airport there which allows you to have a budget holiday or business trip. As Kuwait has such a powerful economy many of our customers who rent cars in Kuwait choose the luxury vehicles we have in our extensive fleet such as the Audi A8 automatic.

After the Gulf War Kuwait is particularly friendly to Americans and the country is considered one of the non Nato state allies of the USA. The effects of the war on Kuwait cannot be underestimated. The retreating Iraq army created a scorched earth policy as they left Kuwait torching many of the oil wells. It took a long time for the country to recover from the adverse socio-economic and health effects of this scorched earth policy. Kuwait is a very small country but car hire is the most beneficial way of getting around considering how hot it gets here in the summer with temperatures exceeding 45 degrees Celsius.

Buses or other forms of public transport are unlikely to have air conditioning. This oppressive climate means that there is little agriculture in Kuwait and the country has to rely almost completely on imports. There is however good seafood coming from the Arabian Gulf. Car hire Safat airport allows you to see the famous cultural landmarks of Kuwait such as the Kuwait Towers and other impressive bits of Islamic architecture.


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