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Car Hire Chalkidiki Airport

Any Airport Car Hire Chalkidiki Airport is optimum for whatever kind of trip you want to take. We have 4WD vehicles for off roading, luxury sedans, compact hatchbacks and a superb range of saloon cars available. Low cost car hire Chalkidiki Airport will only cost you 99 Euros per week, but such great prices are dependent on advance bookings. The sooner we know when you want your vehicle the better.


There are no hidden fees to factor into your budget when you are considering Any Airport car rental Chalkidiki Airport.

Cheap Car Rental Chalkidiki

Any AirportCar Rental Chalkidiki Airport is just part of the worldwide car rental service we offer, letting you get cheap rental cars which come fully insured. Part of the reason we have such great prices is because we search for exceptional rates from providers such as Alamo, Easycar, Discount and Budget car hire. Drive wherever you want too thanks to the fact that there is no limit to the amount of mileage on your rental.

Chalkidiki Airport Information

Chalkidiki Airport in Greece is also known as Thessaloniki airport. Chalkidiki Airport is the main arrival point for Thessaloniki, a major city in Greece. It is owned by the state, jointly operated by the public and the military and one of the largest airports in Greece. Every year more than four million passengers use the airport and they take off and land on more than fifty thousand flights. Some of the routes covered by this international airport are with Aegean airlines to Athens, Chania, Frankfurt, Heraklion, Larnaca, Munich, Rhodes and Stuttgart.

If you are arriving to pick up car hire Chalkidiki Airport remember that there are a number of optional extras which we can offer with our vehicles. Most popular of these are sat navs which can help you work out which direction to take. For instance Chalkidiki Airport is located at map latitude 40.31.11 north and map longitude 22.58.15 east. The code for Thessaloniki international airport is SKG.

Currently there are plans under consideration to build a metro service at Chalkidiki Airport but until that happens car hire Chalkidiki Airport remains the cheapest and most reliable way to continue your journey, whether you are going to Thessaloniki or some other part of Greece. There is also a project under way to increase the length of the runway so that more long haul flights can be considered. If these plans were to get the go ahead the passenger traffic at Chalkidiki Airport could rocket up to an annual nine million passengers.

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