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Ivalo is considered by some as an ugly small village so a hire car from Ivalo Airport is going to be essential if you’re to escape the mediocrity and find somewhere of note to spend your stay in Finland. The countryside out of Ivalo is more rewarding and if you hire a 4 x 4 vehicle – essential in winter, you’ll enjoy exciting treks across ice fields, crossing frozen rivers and climbing snow clad hills. We’ll have the very vehicle you’re looking for and many others should you decide to stick to the main roads in summer or autumn when a standard hire car from Ivalo Airport will do.

Cheap Car Rental Ivalo IVL

You can rely on us to provide you with a great hire car at Ivalo Airport that will have been carefully serviced and maintained – you don’t want to find your car lets you down when you’re out in the wilds. If the unexpected happens you can still rely on us to help with access to emergency assistance 24 hours a day. If you find something you shouldn’t in a snowdrift you’ll also be reassured that we include comprehensive insurance in the price whereas some insurers make you pay extra for this or leave you liable to any damage caused that’s your fault.

Ivalo Airport Guide

Ivalo Airport is seven miles south of Ivalo but sixteen miles north of Saariselka. Despite there being little of interest in Ivalo, there are several international flights to Ivalo Airport with one from Gatwick with easyJet and two from Manchester with easyJet or Thomson. A hire car is almost essential with there being a skeleton bus service only and few taxis.

Ivalo has little of note but a short distance out you’ll find Saariselka, home of one of Finland’s major ski resorts with plentiful easy slopes as Finland is a generally flat country. The flat terrain means it’s also ideal for snow mobiles or huskie sled rides, both very popular with tourists.

In summer, the hills open themselves up for hiking and fishing whilst the closure of the gold mine which opened to exploit a small seam in the sixties has led to its facilities being turned into a tourist attraction where you can learn about the precious metal and its extraction and also try your hand at panning for gold in the river that passes nearby.
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