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With Any Airport Car Hire UAE you get high quality cars at low cost prices.
Located on the Arab Peninsula, these seven states are some of the richest in the world thanks to the large oil reserves of the region. This wealth is nowhere more evident than in the emirate of Dubai where the world’s largest hotels have been built, only to be constantly superseded by even larger buildings. Expatriates are flocking to work in this countries lured by the promises of high tax free wages, good beaches and fascinating culture which mixes east and west.

Cheap Car Rental United Arab Emirates

Any Airport Car Rental UAE covers Ra’s Al Kaymah, Umm al Quwain, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ajman and Dubai. The languages spoken in these countries are Urdu, Hindu, English and Persian with the main tongue being Arabic.
The Emirates are a bit of an enigma and western acts such as drinking alcohol are accepted and frowned upon at the same time. Evidence of any sexual propriety while single is still heavily punished as two westerners recently found out on a beach in Dubai. The different sheiks govern the emirates in different ways and although Dubai is considered to be very forward thinking these two clearly overstepped the mark of what is acceptable.
While traditional souks selling rugs are still in abundance, so are the large corporations such as KFC and Ikea. The Emirates are constantly trying to attract foreign investment, conscious that one day their oil supplies will run out.
Dubai international airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world providing connections between the Middle East, Africa, Europe and south east Asia. We have a range of cars there at modest prices, whether you want a budget or a luxury model.
The Emirates have some of the world’s hottest temperatures of inhabited areas and with day time highs topping 50 degrees Celsius you won’t want to go out unless strictly necessary.
Any Airport Car Rental United Arab Emirates vehicles come with good ac systems to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Information

The coast of the United Arab Emirates 600 km long was once known as the Pirate Coast.  Armed with fearsome curved daggers. Arab corsairs preyed on European ships trading in THE GULF. Their ruined forts and watchtowers can still be seen along the shores. Piracy ended in the 19th century after Britain imposed a truce, and for this reason the area became known as the Trucial Coast.

Today, the sigh of the trade winds in the rigging and the fierce cries of battle have given way to the sound of the engines of oil tankers making their way along The Gulf.

Since the discovery of oil and gas, the UAS has used its oil wealth to diversify the economy at a staggering rate, finance social improvements and invest overseas. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the main industrial centres. Among the ancient forts along the coast there now stand an oil refinery, has liquefaction and fertiliser plants, a steel rolling mill and aluminium shelter, and factories making cement and other building materials. The bustling construction industry has turned tiny fishing ports into modern oil terminals and harbours for bulk carriers and other vessels.
In the towns, new office blocks have replaced many of the traditional Arab buildings. Dubai’s 39 story International Trade Centre is The Gulf’s tallest building, and four modern airports cater for international flights. Where once health and educational facilities were limited there are now hospitals’ and clinics, schools and universities. Fine modern roads now like the sheikdoms.

In the past, fish were one of the few sources of protein and fishing is still an important industry. The clear Gulf waters are rich in prawns, tuna, mackerel, anchovies and sardines, and for sport there are sailfish, sharks and marlin.

The foods are international and the visitor can find anything from traditional kabsa ( a whole sheep stuffed with rice, spices and almonds) to fish and chips. The shwarma consists of pieces of lamb roasted on a spit and served with tomatoes, parsley and other herbs and chick pea sauce. In the markets you can buy exotic foods, spices, traditional silver jewellery, rugs and carpets, hi-fi and electronic gadgets and gold ornaments. In fact much of Dubai’s wealth once came from gold trading- and smuggling.

Piracy has given way to the excitement of camel racing, falconry, wrestling and even ice skating on artificial rinks; Camel races usually take place soon after the cool desert dawn, either at established tracks or at impromptu meeting places in the desert.

There is no betting, but cheering spectators follow the animals by truck until the winners emerge in a cloud of sand and dust. Falcons are trained for hunting – though the bustard, a common prey, is becoming scarce. As a complete contrast to this ancient sport, football has been imported; it is played and watched with passion – just another step towards the Western way of life for these ancient sheikdoms.

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