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Car Hire Milwaukee Airport

Car hire Milwaukee airport can be picked up from this large flight facility in the state of Wisconsin. Car rental is the safest and most comfortable way to see the sights of the nearby city of Milwaukee. Breakdown assistance and unlimited mileage are included. The fact that you get unlimited miles allows unlimited driving during your trip without having to turn back or pay any extra. You will not find cheaper prices on any other website.

Milwaukee airport is also known as the General Mitchell International Airport, named after a well known USA army general. Car rental Milwaukee airport is an ideal way to get to the central business district of Milwaukee which is only around five miles away.

Cheap Car Rental Milwaukee MKE

Car rental USA tends to be very popular as there is not much reliable public transport in the state as many people prefer to use cars.  Although there is an Amtrak railway station at the airport, rail is a very underused form of transport in the country. Our cars are perfect because the advertised rate is comprehensive and there are no hidden charges or extra costs to worry about.

All our vehicles are fully insured and come with liability cover, as well as vehicle theft and collision damage waivers.  An option we give customers is zero excess insurance. This means that if you get into a minor or major accident you would not be liable to make a full pay out.

Milwaukee airport (airport code MKE) serves the state of Wisconsin and is also considered to be one of the main airports in the Chicago city area. The airport is located in Northern Illinois, Car hire Milwaukee is readily available at this county owned public airport. The airport is a hub for Frontier Airlines, Great Lakes Airlines and AirTrans Airways. It also has a lot of cargo traffic with Freight Runners Express having a hub at the airport.

Not only can we meet you at the airport but we can even help younger drivers to rent a car for the first time. Read through the details of our terms and conditions section carefully to see whether you are eligible to drive our vehicles. All customers can make use of optional extras such as sat nav systems, and the airport is located at map longitude 43 56 50 North and map latitude 087 53 48 West.

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