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Car Hire Dallas Love Field Airport

Any Airport Car Hire Dallas Love Field Airport saves time and money for those who are able to book it in advance. That way you can be guaranteed that a low cost and fully serviced vehicle will be ready to collect at the airport. Our cars are ready to go with an unlimited mileage offer and a full tank of petrol all for just one hundred and twenty Euros per week. GPS is also an option.

The date and time of pick up for Any Airport Car Rental Dallas Love Field Airport is all you need to enter on our drop down menu.

Cheap Car Rental Dallas Love Field DAL

Any Airport Car Rental Dallas Love Field Airport can offer vehicles by Ford, VW, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Renault, Peugeot and many other top manufacturers. Not only are our vehicles thoroughly checked by mechanics before you hire them out but we offer on call roadside assistance to anyone who needs it during the term of their rental contract. Like the unlimited mileage offer it's free of charge.

Dallas Love Field Airport Information

Located in Dallas County, Texas, Dallas Love Field Airport is a public airport operated by the city of Dallas. It got its name from a flight lieutenant who died in a plane crash there. Dallas Love Field Airport was the main airport for Dallas until Forth Worth was opened in 1974. Since then traffic has tailed off somewhat. The airport has actually been around as an army flying field since 1917, so it has much history.

Later in 1963 Dallas Love Field Airport was the airport used by President Kennedy to arrive in Dallas and after he was assassinated Lyndon B Johnson, the vice president, was sworn in at the airport. In the seventies there was also a hijacking there by a Houston resident who was mentally unstable and claimed he had a briefcase full of dynamite. No one was killed. Dallas Love Field Airport has the airport code DAL and deals with a quarter of a million flights annually. Dallas Love Field Airport is 10 kilometres north west of the Central Business District of Dallas.

Choose car hire Dallas Love Field Airport to make that journey in the quickest time possible and you will not regret your decision. Our vehicles are eminently affordable. Dallas Love Field Airport is a focus airport for Southwest Airlines, Continental Airlines and Delta Connection. Southwest Airlines built its trade on doing quick, no frills flights between the major Texas cities including Houston and San Antonio. It has flights to many places including Amarillo, Kansas City and New Orleans. Dallas Love Field Airport is at the coordinates map latitude 096.51.06 West and map longitude 32.50.50 north.


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