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Any Airport Car Hire Syria keeps the dust out of your eye and the sun off of your back. We allow customers to travel comfortably in this warm part of the world thanks to top range air conditioning units. Despite the suitability of our cars you may wish to go to Syria in autumn or spring when the temperatures are much more conducive to sightseeing in this ancient and fascinating country.

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Any Airport Car Rental Syria has a range of cars to get around the Syrian Arab Republic. Economy vehicles include the Toyota Yaris 5 door and the VW Polo auto 5 door. If you need something a bit more luxurious, for instance if you are going to Syria on business and aim to impress a client then the Mercedes S320 is our recommended car in Syria. Even prestige cars like this come at a good price.

Syria is a Middle Eastern country which has experienced some turbulence over the years, but its capital Damascus is thought to be one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited civilisations. As well as having a small coastline with the Mediterranean Sea, Syria borders countries such as Israel, Iraq, Turkey and Jordan. Part of the turbulence is because the area of land known as the Golan Heights is now part of Israel but it also claimed by Syria. Some of the sights to see in Syria include the ancient port cities at Tartous and Latakia as well as the second largest city in Syria, Aleppo, which has an old citadel and large souk where you can soak up the real Syrian atmosphere. Along with Bosra and the ruined city of Palmyra, Aleppo and Damascus have all been inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list because of their great cultural significance, not just for Syria, but for the whole of mankind. Near to Latakia you will find a beautiful valley which contains the enchanting Saladin's Castle. Travel to the Middle East is an eye opening experience as you realise that countries such as Syria are not full of terrorists like the Americans would have you believe. Instead they are filled with some of the world's most hospitable people. You can also see sights of wonder from ancient times such as the Dead Cities, remains of old byzantine towns. In this part of the world a religious clash is evident when you see the amazing old mosques juxtaposed with the old crusader castles.

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