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Car Hire Hierro Airport

When flying to Spain, its often hard to find a good deal on hire cars, as island vehicles tend to be more expensive then most, but Car Hire Hierro Airport is committed to finding you the best deals on the islands, and El Hierro is no exception. Our great low prices start from as little as €12 per day, and we derive our rates by comparing with other market leaders, such as Avis, Goldcar and Europcar.

Get Awesome Car Hire Hierro Airport - Spain For Just £12 per day

Cheap Car Rental Hierro VDE

At Car Rental Hierro Airport, we strive to provide the lowest rates and the best service, giving us the reputation as being the favoured hire establishment in the Canaries. Our prices are always inclusive of collision damage waivers, liability insurance, unlimited mileage, and breakdown assistance. We also will not charge for late cancellations.

So travel from Valverde to Puerto de la Estaca in a zippy ALFA 159 or the eco green KIA PICANTO. We can find you whatever type of car that you want, and we will try our best to put you in a vehicle that fits your driving style and needs like a fine leather driving glove.

Airport Guide


Hierro airport, also known as Valverde or El Hierro, is located just outside the town of Valverde on the north east tip of the island. This tiny island airport serves both passengers and cargo from Tenerife. El Hierro island is furthest in the southwest chain of Canary Islands and sits on the Southern end of the chain. All flights come in from Tenerife North, and the airline that exclusively services the island is Binter Canarias.


A single floor terminal handles departures and arrivals, and here you will find a single multi-shop and a small cafeteria. However, despite a lack of super airport services, hiring a vehicle from Car Hire Hierro Airport will be grand, as this slow terminal allows us to serve you on a professional and personal level not achieved by others in much larger airports.

Travel Routes

After picking up Your Car Hire Hierro Airport vehicle, your travel to town is just a few minutes. You simply take the access road to the TF-911 (between Valverde and Puerto de la Estaca) and off you go to either Valverde of El Hierro. Our staff in the arrival hall is standing by to answer any questions that you might have about the island or about your new hire.

Airport Facilities

Since only about 7000 passengers per month pass through this smaller airport each month, the café called the Cafetería Tribones is only open whenever the flights are inbound or outbound. Shopping is limited to a single shop called the Mercahierro, and this store is also opened based on the flight schedule.

Near the Airport

Hiring a Car Hire Hierro vehicle will allow you to easily travel around the island to both the main towns of Frontera and Valverde, and will get you to the best diving spots in the Atlantic.

Hierro SpainOne of the best spots on the island is down south, to La Restinga, and to get there you take the El Pinar highway until it ends at the sea.

Also nearby is the Playa del Cantadal and Punta de los Saltos. On the other side of the island is the beach loop that starts at Sabinosa, and ends at Punta de Orchilla and the famous Meridiano.

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