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Pick up Any Airport Car Hire South Africa from airports including Cape Town International, Bloemfontein, Durban international and Johannesburg international. South Africa has three capital cities, Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein, which are respectively the administrative, legislative and judicial capitals. Our low cost car hire is easy to book and easy to collect and you can make your reservation online ahead of time. South Africa has a thriving gold industry and a wine industry and this huge country has so many natural resources as to make its potential limitless,

Cheap Car Rental South Africa

Any Airport Car Rental South Africa caters to every type of traveler including families, business men and women, singles and couples.
If you are planning to go to South Africa for the exciting 2010 football world cup (the first world cup to take place in Africa), then book your car well in advance as vehicles will get snapped up quickly. One of the many locations where matches will take place is in Johannesburg which is the economic capital of the country.
South Africa is a rapidly developing, stable and prosperous country making it ideal to visit, even though corruption and poverty and still plentiful.

Though South Africa has had a troubled recent history, there are many steps taken to put that in the past. Visitors to Cape Town may be interested to see Robben Island where the inspirational leader nelson Mandela was imprisoned.
You may wish to pick up a GPS system with your car. There are 11 official languages in South Africa, among them Zulu and Afrikaans, so it might be useful to have some direction.

Being a southern hemisphere country South Africa has its main summer months between November and February when temperatures get fairly high, but not too hot.

I f you are heading to South Africa to see the amazing wild life of the country which includes lions and wildebeest, you should try the Northern Cape and region of Upington where many national parks are located. Among the most famous of these is the stunning Kruger National Park.

The rich and beautiful land of South Africa is out on a limb both literally and metaphorically: geographically, it occupies a swathe of territory at the foot of the African continent; politically it is isolated from much of the world because of its government’s insistence on maintain white supremacy through apartheid, the separate development of racial groups.

South Africa and its satellite, NAMIBIA, are the only African countries still ruled by whites, and its racial policies are opposed with varying intensities by the countries across its borders. To the south there are more helpful neighbours – the Indian and Atlantic oceans which was the coastline east and west and give the country great strategic important. Much of the oil from the Middle East still travels to Europe and the USA around the foot of Africa, in tankers that are too big for the shorter route through the SUEZ CANAL. To add to its influence on world peace and world oil, South Africa has some of the world’s most important mineral wealth, from gold, diamonds, uranium and silver to coal and natural gas, as well as asbestos, chrome, copper, iron, magnesium, nickel and platinum.

South Africa is too important for other nations to shrug their shoulders about evens there. World powers are always on tenterhooks about the country’s domestic policies and political stability, but any outside opposition to the government is tempered by recognition of South Africa’s strategic and economic importance. One of the most effective ways in which the outside world has made clear its views on apartheid has been by a boycott of South African sport and sportsmen.


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