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Any Airport Car Hire Slovakia is the cheapest way to get around this landlocked Central European country. Slovakia is a fascinating and romantic country filled with castles, chateaus, national parks and caves which are all best accessed by having a hire car. Choose from manual, prestige, budget, convertible and off road cars of different makes and models at low prices. This parliamentary democracy is part of the European Union and uses the Euro for currency.

Cheap Car Rental Slovakia

Collect Any Airport Car Rental Slovakia from terminals including Kosice airport, Bratislava international airport, Zilina airport and Poprad Tatry airport.
Poprad city is known as the g
ateway to the Tatras national park and Slovakia has some incredible natural areas so this is good to see. There is also the Mala Fatra National Park and the relaxing spa town of Rajecke Teplice.

The other places most worth visiting in Slovakia are the capital Bratislava which has some wonderful old Gothic architecture, the region of Banska Bystrica which is full of beautiful churches and castles and Kosice in the East. Kosice has the eastern most Gothic cathedral in the world and several other elements of historical interest such as Europe’s oldest coat of arms.

The main river to go through Slovakia is the Danube which passes through the west of the country. There are two picturesque sites of note which are on the UNESCO world Heritage list. One is the charming village of Vlkolinec and the Spissky Hrad castle.
Any Airport Car Rental Slovakia can come with the latest in optional extras including sat nav systems in case you get lost, child seats so children are safe at all times and luggage racks for any extra bags you have.

Slovakia can get very cold in the winter. Our cars come with excellent heating systems. You may wish to request snow tires and snow chains. Ski racks are also available.
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