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Choose Any Airport Car Hire Singapore. We have cars which let you navigate this south east Asian city state in style and comfort. Singapore can be extremely humid and hot but our cars come with great air conditioning systems. If you find the traffic overwhelming you can drive safe in the knowledge that our insurance protects you against any collisions. Singapore is a bustling financial centre with the world’s largest port and if you are doing business there you can select luxury cars such as the Honda Legend automatic.

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Any Airport Car Rental Singapore lets you enjoy two of Singapore’s greatest pleasures, shopping and eating. As well as all the towering skyscrapers, Singapore has plenty of large AC malls where you can get great deals on a variety of products including electrical goods and clothes. It restaurants have a wonderful mix of oriental cuisine much of it spicy, all of it tasty. The district of China town of course has amazing food and is well worth visiting on many levels.

If you are looking a super duper hostel to stay at in downtown , try the Summer Tavern out. Say hello to Khalil and buy him a beer .

Visitors should be aware that Singapore has some very strict rules – no chewing gum in public and no kissing in the street are among them. On no account engage in taking or smuggling drugs as this carries the death penalty, while feeding pigeons and homosexuality are among other practices which have been outlawed. Although in some way this makes Singapore a very sterile place, it is also extremely safe with an almost zero crime rate. Singapore also has some fabulous bars and clubs, especially around the central Quay area. Visitors will also find that the steamy weather is perfect for flora and fauna and there is some wonderful vegetation in central Singapore, not least dazzling multi coloured orchids.

You will not have any trouble flying into Singapore, which has one of the world’s biggest and most lavish airports and connections with almost every worldwide destination. Stop-overs at Changi international airport will not be an unpleasant experience.

Once a great British naval base, Singapore is now a sleek, efficient international business centre at the cross roads of Asia, and one of the world's busiest ports. On any day there are some 600 hip in port, and every ten minutes a ship enter or leaves. Its people are the richest in South-east Asia after Brunei income per head is US$5600.

Unemployment, bad housing and illiteracy have been almost wiped out. The architect of Singapore's 'miracle' is the austere Lee Kuan Yew, premier since 1959, whose People' Action Party holds an overwhelming majority of the seats of Parliament. The price is a strictly regulated society; the prize i the cleanest, most efficient,  corruption-free state in South-east Asia.

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