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Most people know of Senegal as being the end of the Paris to Dakar Rally, one of the most difficult road races in the world. By hiring a car in Senegal you can drive the last hundred miles or more and see the difficulties encountered by the drivers. Even if you want to take it easier during your stay we can provide hire cars from Senegal’s major airports with Dakar Airport car hire and Cap Skirring Airport car hire proving particularly popular with the more adventurous tourist. Both these airports are international and when you arrive after making a connection in Paris or Brussels, you’ll be able to collect your pre-booked hire car immediately you’ve passed through customs and immigration

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This year in particular, driving in Senegal is more hazardous than usual. Annual summer rains often cause damage to road infrastructure and this year very heavy rain has caused extensive flooding and whilst the flood waters have abated somewhat, there are still many parts of the country where the roads are underwater. Even where things have dried out a little, roads up to a foot deep in mud are not uncommon or elsewhere entire roads have been swept away leaving rocky trails which are impassable to all but the sturdiest cars. If you are doing any driving outside of the cities then 4 x 4 car hire from Dakar Airport or Cap Skirring Airport is essential.

Hiring a car from Dakar Airport gives you ready access to the capital where the Senegalese get the chance to show their pride and achievements in the African Renaissance Monument, designed to show the successful emergence from colonial domination, the ultimate freedom of the people and the engineering skills of the country. Goree Island takes up the theme for it was from there that many of the African slaves were boarded onto ships and taken away to America. Today it has an informative museum and a lot of decaying colonial architecture.

Zinguichor right in the south of the country is reached by car hire from Cap Skirring Airport and is one of Senegal’s most popular beach destinations. There’s nothing upmarket here so don’t expect luxury but the absence of the big names in tourism means that it has an understated charm and peacefulness.
Despite the difficulties of getting around Senegal, hiring a car there will get you closer to the real country and its people. With low prices from Any Airport Car Hire it would be a pity to miss out on all the country   and its friendly and welcoming people have to offer.

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