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The Peninsula of Qatar overlooks the Persian Gulf and you will find Any Airport Car Hire Qatar to be the perfect compliment to any journey there. The capital of Qatar is Doha and Doha international airport is one of the many locations where we hire cheap vehicles. Many tourists choose four by four vehicles in Qatar so they can wiz around the spectacular sand dunes in the area known as the inland sea (Khor Al Udeid). We offer the Toyota Rav 4, the Nissan Pathfinder and the Chevrolet Blazer among other off road options.

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Any Airport Car Rental Qatar starts at rates of just $170 per week and this includes fully comprehensive insurance, unlimited mileage and breakdown and roadside assistance free of charge.

Having started off as being a main centre for pearling, Qatar really boomed after the discovery of oil there. Oil makes up about one third of the national GDP in Qatar. Petrol is therefore unsurprisingly cheap in Qatar and with low cost Any Airport car rental you are sure to have a budget trip. The local currency is the Qatari Riyal and it is worth having some of this for use at petrol stations and the like.
Today Qatar is a thriving centre of international commerce. If you want to look the part for an important meeting or conference we can offer the Mercedes E Class Automatic, the Audi A8 Automatic and the Honda Legend automatic. There are also plenty of manual cars in our extensive fleet such as the VW Golf five door and the Hyundai Getz.

Qatar gets unbearably hot over the summer months. Either plan your journey between April and October or, if you have to go during summer, get one of our cars which all have good air conditioning. Our staff can meet you at the airport so there is no delay to your journey but check whether or not you need a visa before going. Qatar airways has most of the domestic and international flight routes in the country.

The little emirate of Qatar, halfway along the western coast of The GULF, has a classic rags-to-riches story. Before 1949, when the first oil was exported, it was a tribal society which existed on pearl diving, fishing and camel breeding. In 1982 it had the second highest income per head. The Arabs of this stony desert land has a proverb: “Hitch your camel first and then depend on God”. They have made it one of the most progressive states in the Arab world, although traditional Muslim values have been respected. The oil money has been used to build up social services, with free education and health care and to develop heavy industry so that prosperity will not vanish overnight when the oil runs out.

The discovery and exploitation of oil and natural gas have transformed modern Qatar. The oil field at DUKHAN has an expected life of 40 years and the big offshore North Field has some of the largest reserves of natural gas outside the Communist countries. The new range of heavy industry includes iron and steel, cement, fertiliser and petrochemical plants. The fishing industry has been modernised and frozen shrimps are a substantial export. Dates are also exported. These modern developments have attracted large numbers of immigrants to work in Qatar, so that they now outnumber the native population.

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