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Car Hire Dunedin Airport

Any Airport Car Hire Dunedin Airport gives you special offers and you can save yourself a lot of money by prebooking. We just need to know your vehicle preference and the dates and times of when you need the car or minivan. Ours for hire at Dunedin Airport include prestige, multi purpose, sports utility and four by four vehicles. Contact us for more information, there is a new online chat facility.

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Car Rental Dunedin can come with a free one way drop off to other towns, cities or airports in New Zealand. There is so much to do in this amazing country and we can help you to have the holiday of your dreams with skiing aids such as racks and snow tires and Global positioning so you don't get lost. For the latest travel information check out our news and blogs section.

Dunedin Airport Information

Serving the south island of New Zealand, Dunedin Airport has less than one million annual passengers but this is forecasted to increase over the coming years. The advent of the rugby world cup in New Zealand in 2011 has meant that many airports, including Dunedin Airport will be upgraded to cope with increased passenger numbers. Flights from the airport are either domestic or headed for Australia. Among them Air New Zealand goes to Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington domestically and Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne internationally with the latter two flights being seasonal.

The other airline to fly from Dunedin Airport is Virgin Blue, operated by Pacific Blue which goes to Christchurch and Auckland in New Zealand and Brisbane in Australia. Dunedin Airport is modern and has everything the flyer needs within including lots of shops and banks. Outside there are plentiful parking facilities, both short and long term which are operational every day of the year 24 hours a day. Although Dunedin Airport is capable of handling large planes like the Boeing 747 it is also an airport dedicated to flight school training.

The international airport code for Dunedin Airport is DUD and the airport can be located using satellite navigation technology and the coordinates 170.11.54 East and 45.51.44 South. Dunedin itself is the second largest city on New Zealand's South Island and sits in the region of Otago. Dunedin has some beautiful scenery made up of rolling hills and an extinct volcano as well as overlooking Otago harbour.

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