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Car hire Namibia can cater to all your needs whether you want to take a safari or drive through the main cities. Among our huge fleet of cars we have models by manufacturers such as Suzuki, VW, Toyota, BMW and Ford. There are plenty of automatic, four by fours, MPVs and compact vehicles for rent. Remember that if renting an automatic put it in park to take the key out of the ignition.

Cheap Car Rental Namibia

Car rental Namibia is mainly offered from Hosea Kutako International Airport (WDH) and having a vehicle ism ore than handy here as the airport is located three quarters of an hour to the east of Windhoek. This is the main airport in Namibia and it has many connections worldwide. You can go to cities in Europe such as London, Frankfurt and in South Africa such as Johannesburg on Air Namibia. But car rental Namibia can also be hired online from Eros Airport which has connections to Cape Town. 

At any airport car hire Namibia the customer is king so we allow you to pick your car up at the Hosea Kutako International Airport but drop it off in another part of the country if that is more convenient. When you rent a car in Namibia you are advised to carefully check any restrictions put in place by the rental company but we are a trusted brand and have never received any complaints.

Car hire Namibia is advisable because most people drive around this huge country rather than fly. However you should allow more time than you might think you need to travel between two destinations if you want to have a safe and comfortable journey. Driving is on the left in Namibia. This is because it has an excellent road system and lots of fantastic scenery. In fact you may not even need a four-wheel drive in most parts of Namibia unless you go to the Skeleton Coast. Remember that we can offer a wide section of compact and elite cars including the Mercedes C Class Stationwagon, the Toyota Avensis and the VW golf. However you should refrain from driving at night unless it is absolutely necessary as there can be a lot of wildlife on the roads which is very dangerous.

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