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Mozambique is a big country and the two main international airports are Maputo in the south and Pemba in the north. We can arrange car hire in both of these airports and several others in Mozambique so that when you arrive, you’ll be handed the key to your own personal mode of transport rather than have to rely on unreliable public transport. Car Hire at Maputo Airport and Car Hire Pemba is easy to arrange online and you’ll find it surprisingly cheap too. We do all we can to ensure that our prices are the lowest available at the time you book and still offer you high standards of quality both in terms of your rental vehicle and also the service you’ll receive from us.

Cheap Car Rental Mozambique

It wasn’t that long ago that Mozambique was a no go area with civil war and lawlessness rife. Things have changed dramatically in recent years and now the country is safer than many others in Southern Africa. You will have to travel into Mozambique either through Lisbon or a South African airport such as Johannesburg and can collect a hire car as soon as you arrive. If you’ve got a Maputo hire car you’ll be able to travel round the vibrant capital seeing many examples of colonial buildings, some of which were designed by the famous Gustave Eiffel. If you’re interested in the country’s blood-stained history try a couple of hours at the Museum of Independence which details the journey to the hoped for independence followed by the short-lived ecstasy of self-determination only to be destroyed by civil war.

Car Hire Pemba helps you to discover a part of the country little visited by any other than the holidaying Mozambican middle class. There you’ll find stunning, almost deserted beaches fringed by basic but wonderful guest houses and hotels. The beaches continue down the coast, many of them undeveloped. A word of warning though; the beaches can be very dangerous, especially for women, who should never venture onto them alone.

There are a number of islands off the coast of Mozambique including Ilha de Mozambique which was the former colonial capital under the Portuguese. It’s now a UNESCO Heritage Site. Elsewhere the islands offer excellent diving opportunities on unspoilt reefs and you’ll find dive companies in the major resorts.
Mozambique is a unique experience for the adventurous traveller and paired with a low cost hire car from Mozambique Airports, you’ll have an unforgettable holiday.

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