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Any Airport Car Hire Morocco cars come with fully comprehensive insurance, a collision damage waiver (CDW) and a vehicle theft waiver. That way you are always guaranteed to get good value with our rentals. Book as soon as possible as vehicles get rented out during the summer. That way you can choose from premium cars like the Mercedes e class 200 and standard cars like the Mitsubishi Diamante, a five seater manual.

Cheap Car Rental Morocco

Any Airport Car Rental Morocco can cost as little as 112 Euros pr week and this low rate is inclusive. That means there are no extra taxes to pay and you get an offer of unlimited mileage. To book all you have to do is select which kind of vehicle you want. Then match vehicle availability to the dates when you need your car in Morocco. You won't find cheaper prices than the ones we offer.

Morocco makes a good place for beach holidays as it has two coastlines, one with the Atlantic Ocean and one with the Mediterranean Sea. The Atlantic side is rougher and can have good waves for surfing, while the Mediterranean side is calmer and better for bathing, especially if you are on a family holiday. Families can rent cars from Any Airport which include the Citroen C8 tdi. If this seven seater still does not have enough room for you it is possible to rent luggage racks with our cars. These are ideals for surfers who want to stick their boards on top of the van while travelling. The famous city of Casablanca lies on the Atlantic coast but in reality you may not find that it matches up to its glamorous depiction by Hollywood. Marrakech alternatively is popular place to go. It is located in the region known as High Atlas due to the Atlas Mountains. Much of the south of Morocco is taken up with the Western Sahara desert. In this hot and dusty climate you be glad of our modern vehicles which are air conditioned. If you are planning when to go to Morocco you bear in mind that everything slows down for Ramadan in this Islamic country. During Ramadan it is polite not to be seen eating and drinking in public and the festival lasts for almost a month. Because Ramadan is determined according to the Islamic Lunar calendar you have to check each year when the religious festival falls.

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