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Any Airport Car Hire Mexico helps you get around this Spanish speaking country which has coastlines with the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Mexico has some fantastic old Inca pyramids and temples which are well worth seeing – car hire is the best way. You can pick up vehicles from Mexico City airport (also called Benito Juarez international airport) and other domestic and international air hubs in Mexico.

Cheap Car Rental Mexico

Any Airport Car Rental Mexico is available in all the main Mexican regions including The Bajito, Baja California, Central Mexico, the Yucantan Peninsula and the Pacific Coast.

Some of the popular vehicles we offer are the Buick Rendezvous four wheel drive, the Hyundai Accent and the Toyota Yaris. These cars and many more come at knock down prices. One of the most popular places to visit, Acapulco, has some bad traffic but is well worth frequenting for its fabulous nightlife and great restaurants. Another famous (infamous) city is Tijuana, the border town where many spring break students go to have a good time. Cancun also has a reputation for being a party town and it’s no wonder with stunning beaches looking out over the Caribbean Sea. For a more traditional look at Mexican life go to Guadalajara which is the home of the original tequila and mariachi music.

Nature lovers should head to the Sea of Karpaz and see whales and dolphins while crocodiles and flamingos can be seen at Sumidero Canyon. Archaeology buffs should go to the Mayan city of Chichen Itza which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Any Airport Car Rental Mexico is cheap and cheerful, we have fully comprehensive insurance which protects you if you have a crash or the car gets stolen. You should note that there are many toll roads in Mexico and so it is a good idea to have some pesos on you at all times.
More than 19 million people live in MEXICO CITY, capital of Mexico. It is the largest and fastest-growing city on earth. So rapidly is Mexico's population expanding that its people are flooding into the United States - either legally or illegally. Over 10 million Mexicans are estimated to be legally resident in the USA. No one knows how many more have crossed the border off the record.

Mexico can be a wonderful place to visit as booming tourist figures prove. It can also be a wonderful place to live. Sadly for many, it is also a great country to get out of. For despite - and perhaps because of - social and political reforms won by centuries of blood and tears, the population is outstripping the country's ability to support its people. Every year more than 2 million newborn Mexicans must be provided for. Mexicans joke that in crossing the US border they are just winning back California - which used to be part of their country, along with Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.

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