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At over 430 square miles, there’s a lot of Martinique to explore and the most enjoyable and cost effective way to do it is by hiring a car at Martinique Airport near the capital Fort-de-France when you arrive. It’s a whole lot easier to get your family and suitcases to your hotel than getting on the bus or cramming into a taxi. You’ll also have the benefit of it all through your stay helping to get you and your beach gear to Les Salines, the most famous beach on the island. Car hire in Martinique is always great value when you book with us because we search out the lowest prices on the best hire cars and bring it to you with competition busting levels of customer service.

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Martinique is a country of two halves. The northern part is wild and rugged and attracts thousands of hikers each year who come for the dramatic scenery including the dormant volcano Mount Pelee, which is also the island’s highest point at over 5,000ft. Just over a hundred years ago, a massive eruption destroyed the city of St Pierre, killing almost all its 30,000 inhabitants. Even today the locals keep a watchful eye on its cone but for travellers it’s a great chance to see into a crater of a steaming and smoking volcano – watch out though for the sulphur fumes – they can be overpowering. To get there, drive your Martinique hire car to Marigot, La Trinite or St Pierre and follow the tracks to where the trails begin.

In the south of the island you’ll need your Martinique hire car for a different purpose for its here that some of the island’s most spectacular beaches can be found including the very popular (and often overcrowded) Les Salines. There are other quieter but equally attractive beaches although they may not have the waiter service to bring you your cocktails on the beach! Hire a car too to help you bring home your shopping from the towns of the south. This part of the island is where the money stays and there are fabulous shops to help relieve people of it. You’ll also find your hire car useful for getting to the wonderful but also pricey restaurants in the southern resorts.

Martinique is a very exclusive island with much for everyone to enjoy. You’ll miss a lot of it without a hire car to get you around so check out our low prices for Martinique car hire and book yours online today.

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