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Visit this small Middle Eastern country with Any Airport Car Hire Lebanon. Beirut is a stylish city which used to be known as the Paris of the Middle East and visitors can fly into Beirut international airport (code BEY). There is also an international airport in the city of Tripoli. The main languages spoken in Lebanon are Arabic, French, English and Armenian. Consider renting a GPS if you don’t understand any of these. Obtain travel advice before heading to Lebanon; it has a history of conflict with neighbouring Syria and Israel.

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Any Airport Car Rental Lebanon need not break the budget at fully inclusive rates of only £14 per day.
Lebanon is an ethnically diverse country and you will find its people to be extremely friendly as long as you avoid religion and politics as topics of conversation. Whatever you do make sure to sample the scintillating night life which is world famous, especially if you like the most popular house music djs.

Although Lebanon is mostly hot, there are quite a few mountains and some excellent skiing resorts so check if you want a four by four with snow tires and chains as well as a ski rack for your trip. If fact, Lebanon has it all with wonderful beaches overlooking the Mediterranean Sea so you may want may want a convertible car to soak up the sunshine.

Any Airport Car Rental Lebanon has everything you need to get going and our helpful staff can meet you as soon as you get off the plane. Although we have an unlimited mileage offer Lebanon is quite a small country and it is possible to drive from the North to the South in about three hours.

Driving in Lebanon is quite a hairy experience. Seriously consider getting a chauffeur driven car. Look out for the impressive parking skills of local Lebanese who make it an art form. In terms of Beirut sights to see don’t miss the UNESCO World Heritage site of Al Bass.
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