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Any Airport Car Hire Latvia prepares you for all weathers with snow chains and snow tires if necessary. Snow tires are mandatory from December 1 to March 1. Although we do have cars with good heating systems you should avoid winters in Latvia if possible as the temperature really plummet. If you are from a European Union country you will be able to use your normal driving licence in Latvia.

Cheap Car Rental Latvia

Any Airport Car Rental Latvia can supply you with vehicles from all the major companies in this Baltic Country. We have cars for hire from the offices of Discount car rental, Hertz car rental, Avis car rental, Sixt car rental and Easycar rental. Latvians drive with their headlights on all year round due to the lack of light this far north. Our cars only cost 110 pounds to hire per week.

Latvia is one of the Baltic countries and it became a member of the European Union in 2004. Most of our customers use their cheap car hire Latvia to go to the capital Riga which is also a world heritage site. However the old town itself is a car free zone so when you get near you need to park and walk. Riga is a town which has a lot of culture and there is an excellent opera house as well as a district of Art Noveau architecture. For those who want to find out more about what happened to Riga during the world wars there is an Occupation museum. Riga international airport has worldwide connections with places such as New York and most of the major European and Middle Eastern cities. Latvia is a country of contrasts which has very cold winters but enjoys balmy summers along the beaches of the Baltic Sea. On town Leipaja is famous for its music with a huge pipe organ played there and a summer music festival. Inland you can see amazing pine forests as well as a very wide waterfall known as the Kuldiga. The Latvian forests helped it to get a reputation as a great trading post as many European ships came there to get amber. The forest is also home to many forms of wildlife. Outside of Riga itself there are other places to see great buildings such as the town of Sigulda which has many old castles.

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