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Getting into South Korea is easy and there are direct flights from the UK to the main airport. Hire a car at Incheon Airport and you’ll be able to explore the region around the capital Seoul. There are many other major airports in the country but it’s small enough that few people take the internal flights. At Any Airport Car Hire we can arrange car hire at Seoul Airport as well as offering you car hire at Gimpo Airport or Gimhae Airport. We also have car hire from Jeju Airport on beautiful Jeju Island. You’ll find that we offer the best deals on South Korean car hire because we have access to all the lowest prices from the world’s top car hire companies. We don’t stint on quality either and you’ll find your hire car will be a latest model and kept in tip top condition. It’ll also have an unrivalled level of insurance cover too.

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Most people think of South Korea as an industrial jungle with little or no room for anything beautiful but it has plenty of beautiful landscapes, a friendly and welcoming people and hundreds of temples where the Koreans enjoy peace and harmony.

If you’re staying in the capital, visit the demilitarized zone that surrounds it for a chilling glimpse into what the zone between the two Koreas is like. In the city, climb the N Seoul Tower, which, until recently was the tallest building in Asia. The views, especially at night time, over the city are spectacular. Within the city there are dozens of temples too with the Jongmyo being the most ornate and popular. It is the shrine for the members of the royal family and has an interesting and interactive show telling you all about the life of the royals and how they were buried following rituals. Seoul is also surrounded by many mountains, several of them considered holy. You can drive your Seoul hire car out to the start of several of the trails and see the city from on high.

For natural beauty you can travel to Jeju Airport and hire a car there to explore the large honeymoon island for Koreans. It’s truly stunning and worth at least a week there unwinding. An alternative is to visit the region of South Jeolia where you have the perfect combination of beautiful scenery, great beaches, deserted islands and great cuisine.

Seoul may not be on everyone’s list of must visit countries but the beauty and complexity of the country, its people and its culture means that by travelling around in a Korean hire car, you’ll gain an unforgettable experience.

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