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Costing only 15 pounds per day, Any Airport Car Hire Kenya is an excellent offer. Taxes, Kenya airport surcharges and the premium location fee are already taken care of when we rent you the vehicle. Some of the many pick up locations we have are at Mombasa airport and Nairobi airport and if you want to make a one way journey within Kenya we can also collect cars at our Nairobi downtown offices.

Cheap Car Rental Kenya

Any Airport offers Car Rental Kenya as just one of our many worldwide options. Choose from big and small cars which can be either manual or automatic transmission. Some of our most popular car rental Kenya vehicles are the Tiyota Land Cruiser, a large SUV, the four wheel drive Nissan Path finder and the mini Peugeot 106. All vehicles have key cover and protection against windshield damage.


Kenya is perhaps most famously home to the Rift Valley, one of the natural wonders of the world. There is an incredible array of nightlife in the Rift Valley as well as lots of lakes, cities and resorts for tourists who are visiting. For instance, they can go to the Lake Nakuru national Park which has all sorts of huge animals including giraffe and rhinos. Wildlife conservation is a big deal here. Efforts are also made to keep all developments in harmony with the original tribes people who live in the Rift Valley. With lots of straight roads driving here is straight forward but you should avoid driving at night as there is a chance of being a victim of crime. If you wish to see the heart of Kenya then the capital Nairobi is the place to go. We have plenty of cars at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport which can be picked up though booking ahead is the preferred method. Having a car in Nairobi is a good idea as the city is surrounded by a huge national park, Nairobi national park with lots of attractive plains and forests. Within Nairobi there is plenty to keep you entertained from market shopping to good local and international cuisine. Between three and four million people live in Nairobi so it is a bustling metropolis. Another good place to go is to had for the coastline with the Indian Ocean and visit the city of Mombasa. Kenya is famous for having great, wide sandy beaches.

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