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All kinds of customers choose Any Airport Car Hire Jordan. We have minivans which are great for tours of Jordan such as the Mitsubishi L300 12 seater, premium cars like the Mercedes E200 automatic if you want to make a good impression in Amman and four by four cars like the Chevrolet Blazer if you want to head out into the desert. Cars come with AC.

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Jordan is extremely hot in the summer so you may want to avoid visiting at this time. If you do want to go at that time of year, then Any Airport Car Rental Jordan has cars fully equipped with good air conditioning to handle the heat. Although crime is low in Jordan we offer a vehicle theft waiver along with collision damage (CDW) protection for your total peace of mind.

Many people go to Jordan to float in the salty waters of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. Though entry is relatively expensive at 12 Jordanian Dinars per person - a Dinar is equivalent to a Euro - you get a full day on Amman beach. There are facilities where you can have a drink in the bar, swim by the pool and shower to get the salty Dead Sea water off of you. But most people choose to head down the steps to this small beach as the Dead Sea makes it possible to float completely in the water. It is quite surreal as you can see Israel on the other side and the borders are very strictly policed. When you drive car hire Jordan around more than likely you will be stopped a few times to have your licence checked as Jordan has large problems with immigrants from Palestine and Iraq. The other highlight of Jordan is the Nabataean Kingdom of Petra which has existed since the first century BC. This incredible city was carved into pink coloured rock by the Nabataeans, an ancient people who made their money by caravanning - charging people to come through Petra in their caravans. They built a complex city with such draw dropping sights as the Treasury and the Monastery. You may have seen them on tv, Petra was used for filming Indiana Jones and the last Crusade. Crusaders also left beautiful desert castles throughout Jordan so why not stop and see them on your way?

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