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Car Hire Trieste Airport

Any Airport Car Hire Trieste Airport is quicker and more reliable than public transport which tends to leave the airport only every 20 minutes or so. You will find our easy to use car hire offices right outside the arrivals hall when you come to this medium sized international airport.  Car hire is the best way to complete your journey if you have flown into Trieste with the intention of going to Venice.

Any Airport car rental Trieste's low price is inclusive of all applicable taxes.

Cheap Car Rental Trieste TRS

Any Airport Car Rental Trieste caters to all sorts of customers of different means and tastes. We have economy cars to suit and budget and luxury cars which are great for business travellers who want to represent their company in the best light.

Whether you are paying for the car yourself or charging it to business expenses we can offer great rates which start at only 15 Euros per day.

Trieste Airport Information

Every year more than one million people use Trieste airport in Italy. because of its position close to the borders of Eastern Europe, Trieste Airport is sometimes used as a transport hub to go between Italy and countries such as Croatia and Slovenia. This location means the airport is potentially within easy access of more than five million people.

Trieste Airport is also known as Ronchi dei Legionari Airport and it has the unique airport code TRS. It is near to Trieste, the largest city and capital of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region which is why Trieste airport is sometimes called Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport. To further complicate things the airport was given yet another name in 2007 when it was called Friuli Venezia Giulia 'Pietro Savorgnan di Brazza' Airport in honour of a famous 19th century explorer of Africa who did a lot for humanitarian causes.

Trieste ItalyLatitude 013.28.20 East and Longitude 45.49.39 North are the coordinates which you can plug into your Global Positioning System in order to find Trieste Airport.

Alternatively you can pick up a map of the area when you arrive at the airport to collect cheap car hire Trieste Airport.

One of the main airlines to fly from Trieste international airport is bargain carrier Ryanair which goes to airports such as Birmingham, Bristol, Brussels Charleroi, Cagliari, Pisa and London Stansted. Lufthansa, Jatair, Air One, Air Dolomiti and Air France are some of the other major airports which use Trieste airport.

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