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Any Airport Car Hire Capri Airport allows you to see this island as well as Naples. If you collect your car hire from Naples you can take a ferry to the island with a minimum of fuss and we do not charge you extra according to how far you drive. The small island is part of the Campania region a mere five kilometre drive from Naples and mainland Italy.

Car Rental Capri lets you follow in the footsteps of writers and philosophers.

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Car Rental Capri allows you to see one of the Mediterranean's most mystical and coveted spots with cheap car rental. The island is fantastically position south of the Bay of Naples which means that Capri has been a relaxing seas resort for many years, right back to the time of the Romans. Writers and thinkers have long made Capri a home as is evident by the existence of the Capri Philosophical Park.

Capri Airport Information

Capri Airport serves the Italian island which is located off of the Sorrentine Peninsula and part of the Province of Naples. This a great place to see old Roman imperial ruins and combine sight seeing with the best in beach holidays.

Capri has some interesting geological features such as the limestone sea stacks that rise out of the sea and the Blue Grotto which is a stunning sea cave illuminated by beautiful blue light. These features were formed when Capri separated itself from mainland Italy. The Blue Grotto is so memorable that it has been designated as the emblem of the island of Capri. Again antiquities of Roman occupation were evident here and many old statues were found here.

Capri ItalyTo get there you can drive low cost car hire Capri Airport to Anacapri and onwards towards the Blue Grotto. You may then wish to catch a boat to the grotto though this cannot b dome when the sea conditions are adverse.

Another place to spend time is the Marina Piccola which means small harbour. In more recent times Capri was occupied by the French and the British. In the 19th century many European artists and writers used Capri as a retreat from which to get their inspiration.

Capri was the setting for the Somerset Maugham short story The Lotus Eaters. There have also been many memoirs written about the island including one about the time spent there by novelist Graham Greene. The Swedish queen Victoria also visited the island a lot.

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