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We cover you against every eventuality. With Any Airport Car Hire Israel there is even an insurance option to reduce the vehicle excess right down to zero so you never have to pay any charges for crashing. You should be aware when you are planning your Middle East journey that although there are land routes between Israel and Egypt and Jordan, it is not possible to drive to Syria or Lebanon.

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Obtain travel advice before setting out on your journey with Any Airport Car Rental Israel . There is a large area called the West Bank, as well as the Gaza Strip, that is under disputed ownership between the Israelis and the Palestinians and should be avoided by tourists due to potential violence and instability. We can give you maps and global positioning systems so that you don't set a foot wrong.

Israel is a small Middle Eastern country which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is considered to be part of the Holy Land. The country has been under Jewish rule since 1967. There are many sights which can be seen with Car Hire Israel including the ancient city of Jerusalem which has religious significance for many faiths and the Dead Sea which straddles the border with neighbouring Jordan. Most of our customers will pick their vehicles up in Tel Aviv at the Ben Gurion International Airport. Ben Gurion airport is 12 kilometres away from Tel Aviv and 40 kilometres away from Jerusalem. It is possible to catch a flight there from almost anywhere in the world You should be aware that if you have plans to visit any primarily Arab countries such as Algeria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Syria you should ask the Israeli entry authorities to stamp a blank page in your passport, otherwise such countries will refuse you entry. Likewise, if you arrive in Israel with stamps from Arab countries in your passport you may well be questioned. However there was a case of a passenger having a black page stamped which then accidentally got torn up by a customs officer meaning they had no proof of legal entry into Israel. The American embassy advised them they only needed a separate stamp if going to Iran or Syria. Due to the security risks of the region, you should leave up to three hours to catch a flight at Ben Gurion airport.

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