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Honduras is thought of as the new Costa Rica having beautiful Caribbean and Pacific Ocean beaches, dense virgin rainforest and many Mayan ruins. It’s not easy to get around in this country that is still struggling to cope with the damage of Hurricane Mitch, fourteen years after it struck, so, rather than rely on overcrowded public transport and potentially dangerous taxis, hire a car with us at Tegucigalpa Airport for the duration of your stay. Car hire through us at Any Airport Car Hire can cost a lot less than you think thanks to the deals we negotiate with the top fifty car hire companies worldwide.

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You’ll need to exercise caution during your stay in Honduras as violent crime is rife. Steer clear of non-tourist areas and use common sense when out at night or in unfamiliar parts of the country. You will probably hire your car from Tocontin Airport, San Pedro Sula Airport or Roatan Airport as all of these have direct flights from the US. Tocontin serves the capital Tegucigalpa whilst Roatan serves the Bahia Islands. San Pedro Sula is the airport for the north western highlands.

It’s the Caribbean coast that is of most interest to tourists and by hiring a car from San Pedro Sula Airport, you can travel along the north coast and discover beautiful sugar sand beaches, completely unspoiled and washed by turquoise seas. Behind the beaches, hiring a 4 x 4 from San Pedro Sula Airport will allow you to navigate muddy forest trails in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Rio Platana and the national park of Cusuco.

A hire car from Roatan Airport not only gets you quickly to your hotel but gives you the freedom of the Bahia or Bay Islands with yet more idyllic beaches, unspoilt jungle and Caribbean music to boot.  Tocontin Airport car hire helps you to get to the more attractive parts of the capital including the now decaying old colonial quarter. With little enough money even to repair the damage of Hurricane Mitch, the city is likely to lose its heritage, so see it whilst you can.

Copan, south of San Pedro Sula, is considered to be one of the finest Mayan sites in Central America but you’ll need to hire a car from San Pedro Sula Airport to get there. The journey is around two hours over difficult roads and a 4 x 4 might be a good idea.

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