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Guatemala is gradually opening up to tourists keen to see some of the rich culture and history of this Central American country. Getting to it is becoming easier these days as the government have begun plans to improve and enlarge the airports in anticipation of an influx of tourists. The country lacks an efficient public transport infrastructure so hiring a car at La Aurora International Airport which serves Guatemala City or from Munda Maya International Airport serving Flores is often the best means of getting around. Any Airport Car Hire specialises in offering the lowest prices on car hire at airports around the world including car hire at Guatemalan airports.

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Guatemala has one of the worst rates of violent crime in the world so you’ll need to be very careful where you travel and what impression you give whilst travelling around. Stay in the tourist areas at night and try not to give the impression that you’re lost at any time. With common sense you’ll be able to use your Guatemala hire car to enjoy the spectacles of this wonderful country.

The capital city is exciting and vibrant but again, stay only within the tourist and business parts. There you’ll find art galleries, museums, theatres and more plus the archaeological site of Kaminal Juyu which has only been partly unearthed as it’s believed to be buried under most of the modern city. You’ll also find great restaurants, bars and clubs in Guatemala City.

Your La Aurora Airport car hire can also get you to Antigua Guatemala, the original and old capital of the country. There, you’ll find most of the colonial buildings, parks and fortifications from Spanish times.
You’ll need to hire a car from Munda Maya International Airport if you’re going to explore the ancient Mayan sites of which there are dozens. The airport’s name means ‘Mayan World’ and nearby you encounter the fabulous Mayan city of Tikal. Flores, the town served by Munda Maya, is built on an island in a lake and is incredibly beautiful looking more like a town in Italy than one in Central America.

If you want beaches, it’s only a short drive by hire car to Monterrico from Guatemala City’s airport.
Guatemala may be an edgy country but with common sense you’ll find that it’s a jewel waiting to be discovered. With something for everyone, book your Guatemala hire car with us today to make the most of your time in the country.

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