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Many people make the mistake of believing that even the smallest island holidays don’t need a hire car to get around. It’s only when they arrive and find that walking a hundred metres in heat and humidity is unbearable that they regret the decision. Guadeloupe covers an area of around 630 square miles so it’s a big place to get around without a hire car.

At Any Airport Car Hire we can supply a hire car for you to collect at Pointe-a-Pitre Airport on the main island, Baillif Airport on Guadeloupe’s second biggest island or even a hire car at Marie-Galante Airport on the smallest of the main islands.

Cheap Car Rental Guadeloupe

You’ll find car hire at any of Guadeloupe’s airports is very cheap with Any Airport Car Hire as we find the lowest prices for you but once you’ve collected it from Pointe-a-Pitre Airport when you arrive, what do you do next? We suggest dropping off your bags at your hotel and setting off to explore. If you’re close to the capital of Pointe-a-Pitre, you’ll find the capital ‘city’ a charming place heavily influenced by France which rules the island group. There you’ll find pavement cafes, French wines even and of course great French style bread in the Caribbean boulangeries.

If you’ve got a hire car from Pointe-a-Pitre Airport, the closest nice beach will be at St Anne,  a half hour drive away. It’s a little bit touristy but the beautiful white sand and contrasting blue sea make it worth it. Hiring a car from Baillif Airport on Basse-Terre gives you a completely different experience. Instead of the flat land of Grande-Terre, you have jungle clad mountains, sometimes shrouded in mist, sulphur springs and huge waterfalls that cascade into seemingly bottomless gorges.

If you can get a boat to Petite Terre you’ll discover the Guadeloupe of millennia ago before humans settled the islands. Completely uninhabited, you’ll have rocky inlets, small beaches and a paradise of lush jungle almost all to yourself.

Finally, if you have the money, visit the jet set island of St Barthelemy, known to those that frequent it simply as ‘St Barts’. It’s small and if hiring a car you’ll look out of place going for anything other than luxury. Many Hollywood stars own homes there including Steve Martin and you’ll be able to celeb spot from the comfort of your bar stool whilst sipping an expensive cocktail.

You can see the benefits of hiring a car from any one of Guadeloupe’s airports so trust us to get you the best price on car hire and book your Guadeloupe Airport car hire with us today.

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