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Any Airport Car Hire Estonia can be picked up from the main international airport at Tallinn. Tallinn has plenty of daily direct flights to other Baltic countries as well as the Scandinavian nations. All the major European cities are well served too. Wherever you are flying from, once you have cleared customs we can get you straight to your car. Car hire starts from only 100 Euros weekly.

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No matter where you are going in Estonia we can set you up with the right automobile at the right price. Any Airport Car Rental Estonia is a bargain. There are various hilly and marshy areas in the country so you may wish to consider renting a 4/4 vehicle. Among the low cost sports utility vehicles we can offer are the Toyota Rav four, the Nissan Murano and the Suzuki Grand Vitara.

The Baltic country of Estonia in the north of Europe is divided into 15 counties and its capital is Tallinn. Tallinn is based around an old medieval town which is very pretty to visit. The country is famous for its many national parks, much loved by the locals, which include Lahemaa National Park, Vilsandi National Park and Karula National Park. Because of Estonia's geographical position on the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland these parks encompass many peninsulas, bays and islets which much of the country is filled with forest. In these forests there used to be all sorts of exotic animals such as bears and lynx, though the destruction of tress during world war two has tripped much of the necessary habitat. Of the islands worth seeing there is Saaremaa which has some beautiful old Middle Ages forts and castles. One must see area of Estonia's natural wonders is the Jagala Falls which are only half an hour's drive away from Tallinn using Car Hire Estonia. The falls look their most stunning when the light is coming up or fading - e.g. sunrise or sunset. Estonia does get very cold in winter - don't worry we provide heating systems in all cars, but the summer is a great time to visit. During June, July and august the weather may well be good enough to sample the unusual delights of Estonia's beaches. Although Estonia is now part of the European Union there are still aspects of the Soviet rule which are of interest for the traveller to see such as deserted Soviet army bases.

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